10 Years of Dawn

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10 Years of Dawn
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10 Years of Dawn is a book in Pillars of Eternity, it is about the deity Eothas.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Ten years I tilled the vorlas leaf, and ten years I told myself that living in St. Waidwen's footsteps would bring me rebirth. Each dawn I'd pray that if thou art in darkness, he shall bring thee light, and each yet each night would bring the same emptiness. For my decade of living as a simple dye farmer, all I have to show for it is a great deal of purple clothing.

Eothas has not spoken to us since he appeared as St. Waidwen. It was my hope that Eothas would claim me as his next vessel but alas... the Child of Light remains silent. Every day I practice the ritual of banishing the shadows of the unfaithful... and every day I work my fields in solitude, without sign of Eothas returning. If thou art in darkness, he shall bring thee light, but how long must I remain lost in this long night of abandonment?

Is this my punishment for keeping my faith a secret? Is Eothas hiding from me until I shout my reverence for all to hear? Surely, He must know that the Dyrwoodans now hate Him and His followers... my countrymen are quick to blame all that was terrible about the Saint's War on those of us still faithful to Eothas. Should they not be angry at the Readceras soldiers? Do the Dyrwoodans not realize that to dismiss the god of rebirth and redemption is to prevent all hope of healing?

As I pen these words, I know that I must continue to till the dye-leaf. I will awake each day with hope: if thou art in darkness, he shall bring me light. Each day I will pray that the Dawnstars visit me, just as they visited St. Waidwen in his field of vorlas. Will they come to me as they came to St.Waidwen? As a man and two women, luminescent and perfect? I am told they come to presage new times... I am told many things, and I struggle to find the faith to believe it all.

And yet, each morning, the sun rises in the eastern sky - and each morning Eothas illuminates my simple plot of land, casting away the shadows of the unfaithful in His golden gaze. I thank thee, Eothas for all the springs I've had, and all that will come. I am in darkness, please bring me light.