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A Call to Court is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


Following the Watcher's reclamation of Caed Nua after a century of abandonment, the nobility across Dyrwood stirs. A Lord Gathbin is a particularly loathsome scavenger, seeking to take the stronghold for himself, citing long-irrelevant ties of blood. This creates a legal problem, requiring a ruling by Erl Bademar, the current ruler of the Grasp.


Upon returning to Caed Nua for the first time after visiting Defiance Bay, you will receive notification that a messenger from the ducal palace wishes to speak to you. Meet him in the Great Hall of the stronghold. He informs you that you are being summoned to defend your claim on Caed Nua.

Travel to First Fires, enter the Ducal Palace, and go up the stairs and into the records room straight ahead. There awaits you Chancellor Warrin who will hold the proceedings, and Marshal Forwyn who will witness them. Speak to Chancellor Warrin, and a cut-scene commences in which:

  1. Lord Gathbin arrives to reaffirm his claim that Caed Nua is rightfully his, and to hurl insults at you.
  2. Chancellor Warrin unseals and reads the ruling from the Erl on the matter. Although Erl Bademar recognizes that the Gathbin claim on Caed Nua was never relinquished, and thus the keep remains the rightful property of the family, he also recognizes the Watcher's role in reclaiming a site that lay abandoned for over a century. In the interest of justice and fairness, the erl decrees that Lord Gathbin must provide compensation to the Watcher, in recognition of their feat of valor.
  3. Lord Gathbin refuses to accept the ruling and makes as if to strike the chancellor. You can intervene or let him do so. Gathbin angrily storms out of the meeting vowing to get Caed Nua back one way or the other.
  4. Chancellor Warrin tells you that this means that Caed Nua is officially yours now. However, you are also warned that Gathbin will not let this go so easily. You should be on your guard!

After Gathbin has left, you can choose to have a message sent to him (though these have no long term consequences).

  • Send him Copper pands (cp)1,000 as a token of friendship. (Benevolent)
  • Invite him to a dinner (Clever)
  • Threaten him to not enter your land (Cruel)

You also receive Gyrd Háewanes Sténes, a soulbound scepter, as a gift from the chancellor.

Behind the scenes[]



ID Objectives
0 A Call to Court
10000 A messenger from the ducal palace in Defiance Bay has arrived at Caed Nua.
1 Speak to the messenger in your Great Hall at Caed Nua.
10001 A messenger from the ducal palace is waiting for you in your Great Hall at Caed Nua.
2 Travel to the ducal palace in the First Fires district of Defiance Bay.
10002 My ownership of Caed Nua is in doubt. I must meet with Chancellor Warrin at the ducal palace in First Fires to discuss the matter.
3 Speak with Chancellor Warrin at the hall of records inside the palace.
10003 Chancellor Warrin is awaiting me at the hall of records inside the ducal palace.
End states
Yes Quest complete.
30000 Lord Gathbin rejected the Erl of Yenwood's decree, and Caed Nua remains in my possession. Something tells me that Lord Gathbin isn't done with me yet - I should remain on my guard.