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A Farmer's Plight is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.


Rumbald in Dyrford Village has recently lost his herd of pigs to an ogre. He asks you to kill it.


Go to the cave in the east part of Dyrford Crossing. The ogre Korgrak is very temperamental, and many dialogue options will result in him attacking you. In order to resolve the conflict peacefully, you must ask him why he's living in the cave, then tell him it's dangerous, and that even if he kills you, more attention will be brought on the ogre. You can convince him to leave (Edér will mention Twin Elms), advise that he lie low for a while, suggest killing Rumbald, or invite him back to your stronghold. This will unlock him as a hireling.

Rumbald will not be happy if you deal with the ogre peacefully, only giving you a Piglet for your trouble. If you reimburse him for the cost of his herd (400 Copper pands (cp)), he will be much happier, and give you his unique blunderbuss Lead Spitter. On the other other hand, if you sent Korgrak after the farmer, his wife takes his place in front of their home, and gives you a piglet instead.

If you do get in a fight with Korgrak, be very careful about who goes into melee; the ogre does massive amounts of damage. Try taking advantage of his low reflex and will defenses to incapacitate him, or charm/dominate some of his bears to take the blows for you. It is also possible to use pull and run strategy, killing bears at first and then Korgrak.

Interaction with Korgrak:

  • He is extremely easy to aggravate.
  • You may ask about lost elf noblewoman.
  • You may ask about the pigs.
  • You may ask about the piles of bones.
  • Ask him what he's doing in the cave:
    • Perception 16 - Notice he's favoring one leg - he becomes hostile
    • Survival 9 - Mention that he already ate whole herd of pigs, and won't be able to hide for long.
    • Intellect 18 - Say that he'd only hole up in a spider infested cave if he feared something.
    • Being Rational - allows you to parley and guide him or recruit him.
    • Otherwise there will be blood...


  • Korgrak does not disappear from the Cave after recruiting him.
  • It is possible to kill friendly Korgrak and still possible to have his "double" at Caed Nua.
  • You may therefore still gain the best reward from Rumbald (for killing the ogre) despite recruiting Korgrak


ID Objectives
0 A Farmer's Plight
10000 Rumbald, a pig farmer in Dyrford, told me that an ogre made off with his herd. He wants the ogre dead, and he wants me to bring him its head.
1 Find the ogre's lair somewhere in the wilderness outside of Dyrford village.
10001 Rumbald mentioned that the ogre has been spotted around Dyrford, but he wasn't sure exactly where it dwells.
20007 Rumbald informed me that Trygil might know the whereabouts of this ogre. His shop is in front of a half-collapsed tower.
20008 Trygil told me the ogre most likely resides near the Bael River, east of Dyrford village.
20014 Trygil is dead and no longer of any use.
5 Return to Rumbald in Dyrford village.
10005 Now that I've dealt with the ogre, I can return to Dyrford and Farmer Rumbald.
20009 I killed Korgrak. Rumbald will be pleased to see the beast's head.
20010 Korgrak promised to leave town. That should be enough for Rumbald.
20011 I told Korgrak he could stay in Dyrford if he could learn to avoid drawing attention to himself. He seemed to take to the idea.
20012 Korgrak seemed pleased with my suggestion that he kill Rumbald. I'm not sure what I'll find back in Dyrford, to be honest.
20013 I offered Korgrak a position at my stronghold. He seemed interested in the idea - I could probably hire him if I really wanted to.
7 Search the cave at Dyrford Crossing.
10007 I found a cave east of the Bael River. It smells like corpse rot. Something hungry must live here.
Unused strings
- 8
End states
Yes Brought head
30000 I killed the ogre and brought its head to Rumbald. The farmer was so grateful for my help that he gave me his blunderbuss, Lead Spitter, and a piglet of my own.
Yes Let ogre live
30001 Rumbald was disappointed that I hadn't killed the ogre, but he gave me one of his piglets anyway.
Yes Paid Rumbald
30002 I gave Rumbald some money to help him replace what the ogre stole. He was so grateful that he gave me his blunderbuss, Lead Spitter, and a piglet of my own.
Yes Korgrak ate Rumb
30003 I told Korgrak that Dyrford would be a lot safer for him if he got rid of the farmer who was shouting for his head. Sure enough, when I returned to the village, Rumbald's wife told me he'd been killed by the ogre.
30004 I have attacked Rumbald's pigs.
30005 Someone critically important to this quest has died.