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A Shout in the Dark is a quest in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Tayn wants the Watcher to liberate the captive kith in the Collections wing of the Halls Obscured with a scroll that he created. The scroll will reinsert memories stripped from the kith into their minds. The catch? They will be inserted at random. Tayn dismisses the problem as entertaining, but Llengrath is horrified by the idea and would rather the Watcher put the captives out of their misery.


Important note on Llengrath's scroll: If you plan on using Llengrath's scroll to euthanize the prisoners, be aware that this includes Bekarna. If you want her to live and complete her quests, you must first restore her mind by completing Wasting Minds, i.e. bringing her the book Advanced Wistful Stargazing.

This quest requires the player to reach The Assembly of Echoes in the Collections wing first and defeat the Memory Hoarder. After it's gone, the player can then use the aperture and choose either Tayn's or Llengrath's resolution:

  • Reading Tayn's spell will cause the souls to be provided with unpredictable minds and memories. Upon returning to Tayn, he will also reveal that he packed the spell with a little something that will cause the prisoners to be extra talkative, hopefully spilling the Hand Occult's hidden secrets.
  • Reading Llengrath's spell will euthanize the souls and return them to the Wheel.
  • It's also possible to collect a special egg from the machine by reaching down into the mouth of the instrument. The egg will hatch into a pet, Retina, upon returning to the Temple of Revelation.
  • Completing the quest increments trust with the chosen archmage and access to the Godseed quest.


ID Objectives
0 A Shout in the Dark
10000 Tayn wants me to liberate the captive kith in the Collections wing of the Halls Obscured. He gave me a scroll which can restore their memories and willpower. All I need to do is read it aloud to the stupefied prisoners from a place they'll all hear it at once.
1 Enter the Collections.
10001 The Collections is due southwest of the Temple of Revelation.
2 (Optional) Talk to Llengrath about Tayn's quest.
10002 Tayn wants me to liberate the stupefied prisoners of the Collections. Llengrath may have other thoughts on how to handle the situation.
4 Find the source of the screams.
10004 Something in the depths of the Collections is screaming loud enough to echo throughout the entire wing. The effect seems to pacify the prisoners.
5 Use the Memory Hoarder's Organ.
10005 The Assembly of Echoes in the lowest level of the Collections houses an instrument capable of projecting my voice. This would be the optimal place for reading Tayn's scroll.
20001 Alternatively, I can read Llengrath's scroll to provide a merciful death to the stupefied prisoners.
6 (Optional) Use Llengrath's scroll instead of Tayn's.
10006 Llengrath wants me to use her scroll to mercifully kill the prisoners, freeing their souls to move on from their ruined lives.
9 Return to Tayn.
10009 I've read Tayn's scroll in the Memory Hoarder's Organ, thus setting the Collections prisoners free. Tayn should be grateful that I've done as he asked.
10 Return to Llengrath.
10010 The prisoners of the Collections are dead. Llengrath should be pleased, but Tayn may be disappointed.
Unused strings
- 20000 I've arrived at an outpost above the Collections, but this doesn't appear to be a part of the Enclosures.
End states
Yes 30000 I used Tayn's spell to liberate the Collections prisoners.
Yes 30001 I used Llengrath's spell to merficully end the lives of the Collections prisoners.
No 30002 I killed the prisoners of the Collections.