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A Very Good Farmer is a book in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Every page of this tome is filled with closely-packed writing and illustrations. One passage reads:

“Saint Waidwen pursed his lips and stared down the glowing, glowering visage which peered at him between stalks of vorlas. He gripped the wooden shaft of his scythe, slick with sweat from his palms - the hands of a working man, which he was.

‘Then you’re Eothas, then,’ he said.

‘THAT I AM,’ said the god.

‘Then you already know what I want,’ said the farmer, who was Waidwen.


Waidwen unknotted the taut cord which restrained his ponytail and let the flowing, flowering locks cascade around his shoulders and rest over the shelf of his bosom. He winked and cleared his throat before winking again.

‘I’ve got a candle hasn’t been lit properly.’

Eothas moved closer and-“

The passage cuts off abruptly with a series of jagged notes pressed deeply into the parchment:

“Eora is not ready for this.”