Abydon's Hands

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Abydon's Hands [WM2]
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Abydon's Hands is a book in The White March - Part II.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

"Of all the stories of all the gods, no doubt one of the most charming is the legend of Abydon's Hands.

In some cultures, Abydon's Hands are tiny, cheerful creatures that hide in the walls and in the cracks between paving stones. In others, they are silent men of stone who roam distant lands. In all such tales, however, they are Abydon's constructs, built in his image to continue his good work of creating strong and wondrous things in this world.

Thus, upon spying a mighty mountain peak, or a row of adra pillars, or another natural marvel, parents and nursemaids will tell young children that these are the work of Abydon's Hands.

Such is the appeal of Abydon as a deity, as it is through his legend that we recognize familiar shapes in the natural world. Thus, when we see a landform that resembles a colonnade, or an arched gate, or a mighty home, we see a hand and a purpose at work that is not unlike our own.

And while Abydon's own identity as a construct is alienating to some, to many of us, his crude yet practical shape is comforting. While the other gods take the form of birds, beast, and sea, Abydon takes the shape of our most common tools and constructions. His debasement in a body of iron elevates our own works and labors, and it offers us a grand hope. For if a god could rebuild himself out of iron, what wonders might kith create with their own hands?"

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