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Accuracy is part of the combat game mechanics in Pillars of Eternity. It is counted against the target's appropriate defenses and determines the likeliness of Hits and Crits or Grazes and Misses, thus influencing the success of an attack. For details about the underlying calculations, see Attack Resolution.

A character's actual Accuracy depends on a number of factors: primarily on their class and level, but also their Perception, Abilities and Talents, the weapon and other equipment, the situation, and more.

Class & level[]

A character's base Accuracy is determined by their class and level.

Class Base Accuracy Accuracy at level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue 30 +3 per level-up 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 63 66 69 72 75
Barbarian, Chanter, Cipher, Paladin 25 +3 per level-up 25 28 31 34 37 40 43 46 49 52 55 58 61 64 67 70
Druid, Priest, Wizard 20 +3 per level-up 20 23 26 29 32 35 38 41 44 47 50 53 56 59 62 65


Each point in Perception above 10 increases Accuracy by 1, each point below 10 decreases it by 1.

Attacks with weapons[]

Weapon type[]

When attacking with weapons, a character's Accuracy gets modified by an inherent bonus or malus, depending on the weapon type.

Weapon type Accuracy modifier
Club, Dagger, Rapier, Spear +5
Battle axe, Flail, Hatchet, Mace, Sabre, Stiletto, Sword, Torch, War hammer,
Estoc, Great swords, Morning star, Pike, Pollaxe, Quarterstaff,
Rod, Scepter, Wand,
Arbalest, Crossbow, Hunting bow, War bow
Arquebus, Pistol -5
Blunderbuss -10

Fighting style[]

The fighting style, i.e. which and how many weapons are equipped, can further modify the Accuracy of attacks.

Fighting style Accuracy
Wielding a single one-handed weapon without shield +12
Wielding a two-handed weapon ±0
Dual-wielding two one-handed weapons ±0
Wielding a one-handed weapon with shield 0 to -10
(depending on the type of shield)


Additionally, a weapon can be enchanted with an Accuracy increasing effect. One enchantment of each of the following two groups is possible per weapon.

Group Enchantment
Quality Accurate 1 +4
Accurate 2 +8
Fine +4
Exceptional +8
Superb +12
Legendary +15
Slaying Slaying (Beast) +5
Slaying (Primordial) Primordials
Slaying (Spirit) Spirits
Slaying (Vessel) Vessels
Slaying (Wilder) Wilder
Slaying (Kith) Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Godlike, Aumaua


The following unique weapons have enchantments that affect their accuracy. Weapons with the Fine (Weapon), Exceptional (Weapon) or Superb (Weapon) enchantments are not included.

Weapon type Name Accuracy modifier Affected attacks
Great sword Firebrand +4 All
Hunting bow Persistence +4 All
Mace Ravenwing +4 All
Club St. Wygelt's Cudgel [WM2] +4 All
Club Blesca's Labor +4 Attacking same target as an ally
Spear Cladhalíath +4 Attacking same target as an ally
Crossbow Good Friend +4 Attacking same target as an ally
Mace Ravenwing +4 Attacking same target as an ally
Estoc Drake's Bell +5 Against Beasts
Hatchet Rêghar Konnek +5 Against Kith
Spear Delem Raŵdha +5 Against Primordials
Sword Whispers of Yenwood +5 Against Spirits

Morning star Mabec's Morning Star +5 Against Wilders

Hunting bow Massuk Hunting Bow +8 All

Estoc Blade of the Endless Paths +10 Granted to an ally attacking the same target
Wand Cgadob's Hazel +10 Granted to an ally attacking the same target
Spear Cladhalíath +10 Granted to an ally attacking the same target
Arquebus Pliambo per Casitàs +10 Granted to an ally attacking the same target
Sword Shame or Glory +10 Granted to an ally attacking the same target
Pollaxe Spectacular Spetum +10 Granted to an ally attacking the same target
Pistol St. Garam's Spark +10 Granted to an ally attacking the same target
Spear Cladhalíath +10 Below 50% Endurance
Spear Ritezzi's Thorn +10 Below 50% Endurance
Sword Shame or Glory +10 Below 50% Endurance
Scepter The Lady's Hand +10 Below 50% Endurance
Arquebus Long-Feller +12 All
Rapier Measured Restraint +12 All
Stiletto Misery's End +12 All
Hunting bow Prey Maker +12 All
Wand Red Reed Wand +12 All
Blunderbuss Silver Flash [WM2] +12 All
Great sword The Hours of St. Rumbalt +12 All
Scepter Gyrd Háewanes Sténes (Druid; Priest; Wizard;) +15 All

Attacks without weapons[]

When attacking without the use of a weapon or fists, modifiers to Accuracy from equipped ones (e.g. Fine enchanted or with Accuracy 1) do not apply. Penalties, however, from equipped shields do affect the Accuracy.

Wizard spells[]

Each Wizard spell has an inherent Accuracy bonus, which is added to the wizard's Accuracy; the exact bonus is shown in the spell's description.


A level-dependent bonus is added to a character's Accuracy when attacking with an Ability or spell without the use of a weapon: an additional +1 per level. A first level wizard, for example, would get +1 Accuracy to all of their spells, while a wizard of 11th level would get +11 Accuracy to all spells.

Further modifiers[]


In addition to a character's base Accuracy, along with the modifiers from weapons, spells and Abilities used for the attack itself, there are various ways to gain further bonuses for all or certain character's attacks. Some of these buffs are permanent or can be activated for as long as desired, while others must be enabled and then expire after their duration runs out. Some can only applied to the character themselves, while others apply to allies. Some buffs stack, others are mutually exclusive.

A character's Accuracy score for a certain attack can benefit from the given number of bonuses from each of the following tables at the same time.

Passive Abilities and Talents[]

UnlimitedPermanently active once learned

Type Ability/
Accuracy modifier Affected attacks
Talent Marksman +5 With ranged weapons against distant targets
Talent Weapon Focus Adventurer +6 With Pollaxes, Estocs, Flails, Wands and War bows
Talent Weapon Focus Knight +6 With Battle axes, Swords, Morning stars, and Crossbows
Talent Weapon Focus Noble +6 With Daggers, Rapiers, Maces, Scepters and Rods
Talent Weapon Focus Peasant +6 With Hatchets, Spears, Quarterstaffs, Hunting bows, and Monk Fists
Talent Weapon Focus Ruffian +6 With Sabres, Stilettos, Clubs, Pistols and Blunderbusses
Talent Weapon Focus Soldier +6 With Great swords, Pikes, War hammers, Arbalests and Arquebusses
Barbarian Talent Accurate Carnage +5 Carnage
Monk Ability Transcendent Suffering 2 +4 With Monk Fists
Monk Ability Transcendent Suffering 3 +8 With Monk Fists
Monk Ability Transcendent Suffering 4 +12 With Monk Fists
Priest Talent Inspired Flame +10 With Swords and Arquebusses
Ranger Ability Stalkers' Link +10 Against enemies engaged by the animal companion
Ranger Talent Accurate Wounding Shot +10 Wounding Shot
Boreal Dwarf Ability Hunter's Instincts +15 Against Primordials and Wilder
Human Ability Fighting Spirit +7 After falling below 50% endurance (for 20 sec)
Wood Elf Ability Distant Advantage +5 Against enemies more than 4m away


One onlyWhile equipped

Slot Item Accuracy modifier Affected
Head Crossed Patch [WM2] -2 All
Hands Minor Gauntlets of Accuracy +3 All
Waist Ryona's Buckle [WM1] +5 When below 50% Endurance
Hands Gauntlets of Accuracy +5 All
Neck Cloak of the Frozen Hunt [WM1] +6 Against Beasts
Neck Ycg Br Tomb Fragment +10 Against Spirits
Armor Blackwarden's Breast [WM2] +15 Against Beasts, 3m Friendly Aura


One onlyDuration: see table

Area Inn Room Accuracy modifier Affected
Copperlane The Goose and Fox Fletcher's Stay +5 Ranged 2 rests

Modal Abilities[]

One, mutually exclusive with both tables belowWhile turned on

Type Ability Accuracy modifier Affected
Ranger Ability Vicious Aim +10 With ranged weapons User
Rogue Ability Reckless Assault +8 With melee weapons User
Paladin Ability Zealous Focus +6 All Allies in aura (2.5m radius)

Active Abilities[]

One, mutually exclusive with the tables above and belowTemporary when used

Type Ability Accuracy modifier Duration Affected
Fighter Ability Disciplined Barrage +10 15 sec All User
Paladin Ability Sworn Enemy +15 Encounter All against the marked target User
Wizard spell Eldritch Aim +15 10 sec All User
Priest Ability Holy Radiance, modified by Inspiring Radiance +10 12.5 sec All Allies in aura (6.5m radius)
Priest spell Blessing +5 10 sec All Allies in AoE (5m radius at 5m range)
Priest spell Devotions for the Faithful +20 30 sec Melee Allies in AoE (2.5m radius at 5m range)


One, mutually exclusive with both tables aboveTemporary when used

Type Item Accuracy modifier Duration Affected
Potion Flask of War Paint +15 20 sec All User
Potion Potion of Eldritch Aim +15 10 sec All User
Scroll Scroll of Valor +15 15 sec All Allies in AoE (5m radius at 10m range)


The Accuracy of characters can be temporarily lowered by their opponents using a variety of spells, Abilities or other actions. Some of those affect Accuracy directly (like the 1st level Wizard spell Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp), while the most of them cause an affliction, which in turn – among other things – decreases the Accuracy of the victim.

UnlimitedFor given Ability duration or until affliction cured

Affliction Accuracy modifier
Blinded -25
Charmed -25
Terrified -20
Dazed -10
Frightened -10
Stuck -5