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Adaryc Cendamyr is the commander of the Iron Flail in The White March - Part II and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

In Pillars of Eternity he can be found in the Command Post tent in the Iron Flail Fort. In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire he can be found in the Temple of Gaun in Neketaka.


The Iron Flail commander is a younger man, lean in build. His brown hair is unkempt, his eyes fevered. Adaryc is a charismatic leader who believes in Stalwart and Eothas, further beloved by his soldiers for his dedication to them, their god, and for giving them new hope in a hopeless world.

The only surviving son of an indentured servant, Adaryc Cendamyr was one of countless Readcerans who joined the ranks of Waidwen's army upon the outbreak of the Saint's War. Despite his youth and inexperience, Adaryc acquitted himself well in the fighting, and was soon popular among his fellow soldiers for his good sense, his passion, and his loyalty. Determined to honor Waidwen, Adaryc proved himself a disciplined and driven soldier.

After a spate of hard-won victories, the destruction of Waidwen heralded the immediate retreat of Readceran forces back across the border. Situated far from the vanguard, Adaryc's company found itself embroiled in brutal fighting as triumphant Dyrwood forces set upon their disheartened foe.

His commander slain, Adaryc had his first taste of command in the chaos. Adaryc and his fellows held off the enemy long enough for their company to rejoin the main body of the retreating army - but at the cost of many lives.

It would be nearly a year later before Adaryc would be able to revisit the battlefield, but he returned to Readceras with the broken blades of several of his fallen brothers in arms. It was from these shattered remnants that Adaryc's sword was forged.

Adaryc maintained contact with the surviving members of his unit after the war. Though he had struggled with bouts of melancholy since childhood, Adaryc was well-regarded as a capable and charismatic leader, devoted to his comrades. It was soon proposed that he should lead the others in forming a tight-knit collective of fighting men, united not by a desire for coin, but by their duty to their fallen comrades, and to their countrymen.

Many of the Iron Flail's early engagements would be against less discerning mercenary companies, which Adaryc condemned as a particular danger to settlements along the Readceran border. In time, the Iron Flail's many victories, and Adaryc's seemingly dauntless will, would draw many more recruits into the fold. The Iron Flail soon had the backing of several prominent families, and was even rumored to have the blessing of Readceras' ruling powers.

He is also a Watcher, although he resents this talent and practices intense focus and mental fortitude to keep his sanity... Although the recent vision, of an army from Dyrwood marching at Readceras, didn't do him any favors. He decided to take control of Durgan's Battery cannons, to fortify the White March and turn it into a bulwark of Readceras, shielding the Regency from Magran's faithful. He is not aware that it's not the Dyrwood he should fear, but the Eyeless.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

Assuming that he survived the confrontation with the Watcher, Adaryc returned to Readceras to refer the events in the White March to the Regency. It made little sense, but the Iron Flail backed every word and the Regency was forced to accept his testimony. Five years passed in relative quiet, until Eothas returned to the world at Caed Nua. Upon hearing the news, Adaryc and several veterans of his army volunteered to come to the Deadfire in pursuit. Mourning for the Watcher had to wait. The Regency agreed and truth to be told, the Morning Council was likely happy to just have him out of the way.

His burden as a Watcher did not grow any lighter by coming to the Archipelago, not with the sheer amount of souls lingering on the sea and in Neketaka. However, his faith in Eothas restored, he perseveres, trying to find out what the god has in store for Readceras, the nation that sacrificed everything for him.


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  • Adaryc was written by Olivia Veras.
  • His voice actor was changed in Deadfire, making him sound markedly different in the second game.