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Admeth's Wyrt is a plant in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This distinctive herb is a common sight in open fields and meadows, bearing small, arrow-shaped leaves which encircle red flowers. It earned its name for its association with the final resting place of Admeth Haret, though the particulars of the story change with each retelling.


Recipes using Admeth's Wyrt[]

Enchanting recipes[]

Name Effects Level Enchantment Points Ingredients Cost
Weapon enchantment recipes
Superb (weapon)
  • +12 Accuracy
  • +45% Damage
12 6 Anvils 4,500Copper pands (cp)
Shield enchantment recipes
Superb (shield) 12 6 Anvils 4,500Copper pands (cp)
Armor enchantment recipes
Superb (armor)
  • +6 Damage Reduction (DR)
12 6 Anvils 4,500Copper pands (cp)

Crafting recipes[]

Name Effect Duration Value Ingredients Amount
Potions crafting recipes

  • +40 Deflection
Until hit or critically hit Copper pands (cp)100
Scrolls crafting recipes

Copper pands (cp)700

  • Target: 30-50 Shock Damage, Accuracy (+10) vs. Reflex
  • Bounces up to 3 times, -50% damage on bounce
Copper pands (cp)500

  • Friendly AoE: -50% Duration for hostile effects
15 sec Copper pands (cp)300