Admeth Hadret, Part 2: Rebellion

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Admeth Hadret, Part 2: Rebellion
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Admeth Hadret, Part 2: Rebellion is a book in Pillars of Eternity about Admeth Hadret.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Over the five years following his ascension to gréf , Admeth attempted to mend relations with the Glanfathans and bring his land together with theirs. He enacted laws that restricted the taking of new slaves, allowed Glanfathans to buy their fellows out of bondage, and imposed a tax on slave ownership in order to promote the use of free labor. While there was some resistance to these new laws, the fercönyng's attention to Readceras and Admeth's power (backed by the colonists), made it difficult for the erls to truly resist what was happening.

In 2662 AI, in the year of the tenth anniversary of the War of Black Trees, Admeth brought about the end to slavery in the Dyrwood. He negotiated a series of treaties with the Glanfathans wherein a timeline was established for the official emancipation of all remaining slaves. Each owner would receive compensation in either land or money based on the number of slaves freed. If they didn't comply, the slaves would be seized and their former masters would suffer a substantial fine. In return for this, the Glanfathans opened trade routes with the Dyrwood and allowed Dyrwoodans to live in and near areas that had their sacred ruins but they are, under no conditions, to enter the ruins. As a final act of good will, Admeth freed Galven Regd, saying he had suffered sufficiently for his actions.

The fercönyng, seeing he was completely out of control in his own palatinate, devised a plan to get the supply of ancient artifacts running again. He approached the erls suffering under Admeth's rule and convinced them to hire agents to raid the ruins. Initially, they did so in secret, but they quickly become sloppy, eventually being caught. This breach of the treaties incited Glanfathans again to acts of violence while Admeth researched who was behind it.

With help of the Glanfathan leaders, Admeth found evidence that pointed back to the fercönyng as the source of the raids. That was the beginning of the end for Aedyran rule in the Dyrwood. Over the next seven years, Admeth and the fercönyng maneuvered around each other, playing political, economic, and military games in order to gain the upper hand. In 2668 AI, Admeth declared the Dyrwood had had enough. The fercönyng would no longer be recognized - the Dyrwood was now a free entity and would govern itself. This started the War of Defiance which lasted five years.

The end result of the war was freedom for the Dyrwood, and though Duc Hadret would never live to see it come to a close, the people of Dyrwood consider him the founder of the country nevertheless.

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