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Disambig.png This article is about the language. For the continent ruled by the Aedyr Empire, see Aedyr.

Letters in Eld Aedyran/Aedyran script (top) along with their English counterparts

Aedyran is the language of the Aedyr and is spoken in the Aedyr Empire, the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood, and the Penitential Regency of Readceras. Aedyran is derived from the now archaic dialect Hylspeak and Eld Aedyran.

Aedyrans, Readcerans, and Dyrwoodans used to speak a language called Eld Aedyran that is an analogue for Old English/Anglo-Saxon, Old Frisian, bits of Icelandic, and Scots (for Hylspeak, a more contemporary version). j, q, v, and z do not appear in their words and names, though the /v/ sound is found in medial and terminal f. E.g. "Wyflan" is pronounced "WEE-vlan".


  • Cönyngsdag – contraction of King's Day[1]
  • Duc – elected ruler of the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood.
  • Erl – ruler of an erldom in the Aedyr Empire and Free Palatinate of Dyrwood.
  • Erldom – a small region in the Aedyr Empire ruled by an Erl.
  • Ferscönyng (FAYR-co-ning) - first king, human emperor of the Aedyr Empire.
  • Folcsdag – contraction of Peoples' Day[1]
  • Godandag – contraction of Gods' Day[2]
  • Gréf – ruler of a gréfram in the Aedyr Empire, has no direct power over the erls.
  • Gréfram – a colony in the Aedyr Empire ruled by a Gréf.
  • Gréf palatine –; ruler of a palatinate in the Aedyre Empire, helds the authority and legal power over the erls, their holdings, and their titles in his palatinate.
  • Héamecwyn/mecwyn – illustrious queen, elven queen of the Aedyr Empire married with the ferscönyng.
  • Haemneg – union, a "marriage" between a married human and elf.
  • Hel – The Beyond/The Veiled, i.e. the afterlife, which people associate with going down into the world.[3]'
  • Ine Gyrd (IH-nah geerd) – the "pearl sceptre", a symbol of the power of the Aedyran emperor
  • Mecwynsdag – contraction of Illustrious Queen's Day)[1]
  • Palatinate – a colony in the Aedyr Empire ruled by a Gréf palatine.
  • Rytlingsdag – contraction of Children's Day[2]
  • Senn Beläfa – The Beloved, one moon of Eora.[4]
  • Thayn – nobility title in the Aedyr Empire, that serve under an erl.


  • Scaketh fe Eld Aedyran? – "Do you speak Eld Aedyran?"


  • Aedyran is, for all practical purposes, English. Hylspeak similar to Scots. Eld Aedyran is based on Old English with elements of Danish and Icelandic. [5][6]

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