Aedyre Customs

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Aedyre Customs
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Aedyre Customs is a book in Pillars of Eternity.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Aedyr is a country rich with custom and they are known for their strict adherence to them. Their customs run the gamut from grand celebrations - like the Feast of Feasts - to mundane superstitions - such as ways to avoid svef addiction. This volume will focus primarily on bigger celebrations, as no one knows how to throw an extravagant party quite like an Aedyran.

The Feast of Feasts

The biggest and most important of all Aedyran customs is the Feast of Feasts. This weeklong celebration happens the first week of Fonestu (Deep Summer) and is dedicated to honoring the life of the First Fercönyng. Each day of the week is devoted to some aspect of the fercönyng's life and there are very specific dishes to be served at each meal.

The Feast of Feasts originally began as a festival celebrating the birth of the fercönyng's first son and soon became a yearly occurrence during the week of his birthday. Currently, Aedyrans simply use it as an excuse for a party and pull out all the stops in an effort to outdo the previous year.

And lest you wonder, as I did, which fercönyng is honored during The Feast of Feasts - it is always the current fercönyng. For each fercönyng is the First and Only fercönyng.

Sweet Treat

A special custom that arose at some point during The Feast of Feasts, Sweet Treat started as a way to keep children occupied so the parents could dine in peace. While it is still used for that today, significance has been added to it. Each treat is placed in a container (usually small metal boxes) and hidden somewhere on the property. After everything has been hidden, the children are sent out to find the "treasures." It is said now that the hidden treats represent Glanfathan artifacts and the children are the explorers, bringing the riches back to their new -and rightful - owners.

Carnival of the Mask

When the original colonists for Aedyr traveled to the new land to found the Dyrwood in the name of the Aedyran fercönyng, they encountered the Glanfathan people. The Carnival of the Mask celebrates this meeting. Originally, it was merely a formal reenactment - as a play - of the tensions between the Glanfathans and Aedyran settlers, but it has since evolved into much more than that. Participants choose "sides" and come dressed in elaborate outfits depicting which group they have decided to align themselves with - Aedyrans or Glanfathans. Everyone attends a masquerade ball and this party replaces any semblance of the play that was presented.

Winter's End

Winter's End was never anything more than an excuse for a celebration and it hasn't changed in all the years it has existed in Aedyr. It takes place during Winter Dusk and lasts all three days. People use the time to reflect on the year, celebrate their lives, and remember the dead - especially those who have passed in the recent year.