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Against the Grain is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


Some of the farmers in Gilded Vale claim that Trumbel, the miller, is withholding grain. The hungry farmers are on edge, and it seems likely that the situation will escalate.


  1. Approach the windmill in Gilded Vale.
  2. Enter the windmill and talk with Trumbel. You have a choice at this point:
    • You can convince Trumbel to lower his grain prices (14 Resolve) by accusing Trumbel of lying, defending Sweynur, then selecting the option "Is your self-righteousness worth losing your family over?" This gives minor positive Gilded Vale reputation.
    • Otherwise, agree to negotiate with Sweynur.
  3. Head to The Black Hound Inn, ground floor in the left room as you come in through the main entrance.
  4. Talk to Sweynur and make your choice how to proceed.
    • (Might / Dexterity / Resolve 16) Successfully threaten them and they'll back down.
    • (Aggressive) Attack and kill Sweynur and his friends. This results in negative moderate reputation with Gilded Vale.
    • Tell Sweynur that you'll talk to Trumbel on his behalf. Return to the mill and threaten Trumbel (Might 16 / Resolve 18). He'll agree to lower prices, but you'll also get slight negative reputation with Gilded Vale.
    • Get a round of drinks for them, ask Pasca over at the counter for free drinks if you have 12 resolve or an honest disposition of at least 1, else it'll cost Copper pands (cp)6. You can use your own drinks if you have any. Bring the drinks to Sweynur. Diplomatic approach now resolves the feud, without requiring any attributes.
    • With Gilded Vale reputation 2, Sweynur will back down with a Diplomatic request.
  5. If you convinced Sweynur to back down, head back to Trumbel at the mill. If you convinced Trumbel to lower prices, speak to Sweynur to finish the quest instead.


ID Objectives
0 Against the Grain
10000 Some of the farmers in Gilded Vale claim that Trumbel, the miller, is withholding grain. The hungry farmers are on edge, and it seems likely that the situation will escalate.
1 Resolve the feud between Trumbel and Sweynur.
10001 I spoke to Sweynur inside the Black Hound inn. He claims that the miller, Trumbel, is keeping all the village's food stores for himself. I have offered to speak to Trumbel.
20000 I killed Trumbel.
20001 I killed Sweynur and his allies.
2 Resolve the feud between Trumbel and Sweynur.
10002 I have spoken to Trumbel, the miller of Gilded Vale. He fears that his family will come under attack from a group of villagers who insist that he is charging them unjust prices for grain. He has asked me to speak with Sweynur, the leader of this group, and bring an end to the conflict. Sweynur is likely to be in the inn.
20002 I've slain the miller. Perhaps the news will be of interest to Sweynur.
20003 I've slain Sweynur and his allies.
3 Report to Sweynur.
10003 I have convinced the miller to relinquish his control over the grain supply. Sweynur should be pleased to hear it, though one wonders how long the grain will last.
4 Report to Trumbel.
10004 I have convinced Sweynur to stop threatening Trumbel and his family. Trumbel will be relieved to hear of it.
5 Investigate the feud.
10005 It seems that tensions between the miller and some local farmers are reaching a boiling point. It may be worth investigating. The miller has taken refuge inside his mill, and the farmers have headed to the local inn for the time being.
20004 I have killed Trumbel, the miller.
20005 I have killed Sweynur, the farmer.
6 Report to Sweynur.
10006 I've slain the miller, Trumbel. Perhaps this news will be of interest to Sweynur.
7 Report to Trumbel.
10007 I've slain Sweynur and his cohorts. This news may bring Trumbel some relief.
End states
No Killed Everyone
30000 I've slain Trumbel and Sweynur both. Whatever becomes of the village and its grain, neither of them will have any say in it.
Yes Convinced Trumbel to Give Grain
30001 I convinced Trumbel that it was in his best interest to deal fairly with Sweynur and his lackeys. Sweynur was pleased with the outcome, and offered me a round at the inn, as well as a small amount of coin.
Yes Convinced Sweynur to Leave Miller Be
30002 I convinced Sweynur to leave the miller and his family be. Sweynur and his buddies seemed rather despondent at this turn of events, but the miller was relieved to know his family will be safe.
Yes Killed Sweynur (and told Trumbel)
30003 I slew Sweynur, ensuring that he couldn't trouble Trumbel any longer. The miller should be safe, and the village has lost some of its troublemakers.
Yes Killed Trumbel (and told Sweynur)
30004 I slew Trumbel, the miller of Gilded Vale. Sweynur and the others were a little shocked by my proactive approach, and decided to go scavenge what they could from the grain stores.
No Quest Failed (Killed All, Never Started)
30008 I killed both Trumbel and Sweynur. Whatever their argument was about, it's none of my concern.
No Quest Failed (Resolved then murdered BEFORE turning in quest)
30009 Negotiations have come to a decided end, now that I've slain one of the parties involved.
- Killed Trumbel after Quest Completed
30010 I had a change of heart, and killed Trumbel. The village will have to do without him.