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All Hands on Deck is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


A sailor by the name of Marceno in Ondra's Gift has lapsed in his sentry duties and allowed a group of thugs to make off with his captain's prize chest. Fearing retribution from his captain, he asks the Watcher to track it down. His Captain "Hangsman" Fortanero has the reputation of having a short fuse, hanging people who fail him from the masts of his ship.


  • Talk to Marceno on the docks in Ondra's Gift.
  • Track down the chest in the east of Ondra's Gift an kill the thugs.
  • Return to Merceno.


  1. Start the quest by talking to Marceno in the southwest corner of Ondra's Gift (on a pier near a ship). He will ask you to recover his captain's stolen chest.
  2. Optional: Ask around if anyone has seen the chest or anything suspicious:
    • During night time, you can ask the black market dealer Curnd if he's seen anyone carrying a wooden chest around. For a fee of 200 Copper pands (cp) he will sell out the thugs.
    • If you ask Imatl whether he's seen anyone come this way carrying a large chest, he points to the east.
  3. Track down the missing chest. You'll find it together with the gang that stole it, led by Waldr "Three Fingers" and "Lefty" Lisc, in the easternmost part of Ondra's Gift, on the quay to the south-east of The Salty Mast, where they are currently trying to open the chest.
  4. Get rid of the thugs. Since they do not want to have witnesses, the fight can not be avoided.
  5. Optional: Having defeated the thugs, you have the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity about the contents of the chest. You have the following options:
  6. Head back and talk to Marceno.
    1. Give Marceno the chest intact or at least with the contents left inside (he trusts you with Honest 2 or Benevolent 2), which in turn opens up the following possibilities:
      • Refuse the money, and receive Drinking Horn of Moderation.
      • Accept the money, and receive 300 Copper pands (cp).
      • Accept the money, but say you did save his life. Receive both the Drinking Horn of Moderation and 300 Copper pands (cp), but gain less reputation.
    2. If you took the chest's contents, these extra options will be available:
      • Take the contents for yourself and lie to Marceno. He will comment that the chest is light, but will still give you a full reward, same as above.
      • State that you opened the chest, but return the contents anyway. You will still get the same full reward as if you hadn't opened the chest.
      • Openly state that you stole the rapier and hat and refuse to give them back. This will result in Minor Negative reputation with Defiance Bay. (There is no benefit to this option.)


  • The Mechanics check for opening the chest is handled through a dialogue window, thus only The Watcher can open the chest; it will not matter if anyone else in your party has sufficient mechanics.
  • If you tricked Marceno by giving him an empty chest and return at a later date, you can find his corpse hanging from the nearby ship. You sealed his fate. If you however opened the stolen chest without actually taking anything from it and return it to him or give him the contents of the chest back, he'll be just fine.
  • The hat and rapier obtained by opening the chest are unusable quest items, and will only be exchanged for their equippable counterparts once you return to Marceno.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Fortanero's Key would likely have been used as an option to open the chest, though it seems to have been cut from the game for unknown reasons, possibly to reduce quest complexity.


ID Objectives
0 All Hands on Deck
10000 While exploring Ondra's Gift, I've discovered that a sea chest has been stolen from one of the ships docked at the pier.
3 Find Marceno's missing crate.
10003 Marceno, a young sailor, has confided in me that Captain Fortanero's sea chest was stolen whilst he was distracted. Fortunately for Marceno, his captain is enjoying himself on shore, and has yet to hear of the incident. Marceno has pleaded with me to find this chest before the captain returns. It is unlikely they've made it out of Ondra's Gift yet, I should start my search here.
20001 I appear to have located the thieves. I'll have to deal with them if I am to recover the chest.
28 Return to Marceno.
10028 I located the chest that was stolen from Marceno's ship. He'll be happy to learn that I've located and dealt with the thieves who took it.
20002 I have opened the chest to find that Captain Fortanero's 'prized possessions' consist of his captain's hat and rapier.
32 Defeat Waldr and his band.
10032 The thieves who stole the chest Marceno was supposed to be looking after aren't going to give it up without a fight.
20003 With the thieves dead I can collect the chest.
Unused strings
- 30000 Marceno was very happy to learn that I'd recovered the chest with its contents intact. I'm sure he'll keep a better eye on it from now on.
30004 I dealt with the thieves responsible for the theft of Fortanero's sea chest, and let Marceno know where it could be found. He was very grateful. Looks like things should work out for him.
End states
Yes Returned Sea Chest
30002 I returned the stolen sea chest to a very grateful Marceno.
Yes Returned Chest But Not Contents
30003 I gave Marceno his chest back but kept the hat and sword inside it. His Captain will probably be very upset when he finds out.
No Quest Failed
30007 Marceno is dead and cannot reward me for finding the chest.
Yes Kept Hat and Rapier
30010 I told Marceno I was keeping the Captain's hat and rapier. He ran off to flee the Captain's vengeance, leaving me to enjoy my new hat.
No Quest Failed
30011 Someone critically important to this quest has died.