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Alpine dragon
Biography and appearance
Game The White March - Part I
Race Alpine dragon
Level 14
Defenses Def: 108/123 Fort: 119/134 Ref: 119/134 Will: 103/118
DR 32
Elemental DR Slash:
Pierce: 24
Crush: Imm.
Shock: 40
Freeze: Imm.
Burn: 16
  • Melee attack that deals 74-101 Crush/Pierce damage
  • AoE Breath
  • Tail Lash
  • AoE Fear Aura
  • Finishing Blow
  • Sneak Attack
  • Deathblows
  • Immunity: Unconscious
  • Immunity: Stuck
  • Immunity: Frightened
  • Immunity: Terrified
  • Immunity: Paralyzed
  • Immunity: Stunned
  • Resistance: Prone (+20)
Location Longwatch Falls, ice cave
Quests His Better Half

Alpine dragon is an unique dragon found in The White March - Part I. It can be found in the Longwatch Falls cave.


The dragon turns its head to look at you. Its red eyes are clouded like dirty ice, and its sides heave with labored breaths. Frosty plumes jet between its teeth. The dragon has lived for centuries with a fractured soul, twinned with a variety of kith. Since it was a wurm, fits of agony and terror would paralyze it, leaving it a prisoner to experiences that wasn't its. It soon realized that its soul allowed it to link to other creatures, such as hatchlings in its nest... Leading the dragon to kill and assimilate their souls. The orgy of violence lasted until only a few were left, disgusted at their actions.

Ygadr had the misfortune of being one and seeking the dragon out. His soul latched onto the dragon's, drawing on its strength and making it understandably furious. He seemed to hope for reuniting with his soul and easing his suffering. Being devoured and digested by a dragon certainly wasn't on his mind, but helped all the same.


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His Better Half


  • His Better Half: The dragon is bound to Ygadr, carrying half of his soul. Understandably, it's not happy.