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Last session of the hearings. Shown are Duc Aevar Wolf-Grin, Ramir di Barrasc, Eadric Morley, Dyrla Doemenel, Taragyth Beordsen.

The Animancy hearings are a series of meetings that are happening behind closed doors in the Ducal Palace in Defiance Bay during the second act of Pillars of Eternity.

The Watcher's testimony[]

During The Hermit of Hadret House, the protagonist is allowed to attend the final session of the hearings and testify. The outcome of the hearings depends on whether you choose to support animancy, and with how much credibility you make your case:

Condition Outcome
Animancy support ≥ 2
Watcher credibility ≥ 2
animancy is acquitted
none of the other conditions met neutral
Animancy support ≤ -2
Watcher credibility ≥ 2
animancy is outlawed

This long-term outcome is reflected in the end-game slides. What you can not influence, however, is the immediate outcome of the hearings – the assassination of the duc and burning of the sanitarium – which happens the same no matter what you say or do.

The dialog options which allow you to define your Animancy support and your credibility, are as follows:

Dialogue option Requirement Animancy
on the Sanitarium
This is not the Baelreach Incident. This is a responsible scientist who was manipulated. Lore 5 + 2
Those who know me around here know me to be fair in judgment. Caedman Azo should be held innocent. Rational 2 + 2
Those who know me around here know me to be fair in judgment. Caedman Azo should be held guilty Rational 2 - 2
No, he isn't. This was a responsible scientist who was manipulated. - + 1
Yes, he is. Caedman Azo's ambitions exceeded his ethics. - - 1
on Heritage Hill
You think some rotting corpse or volunteer guard could stand in my way? I earned my answers. Might 16 + 1
Look me in the eye and tell me I'm a liar, Your Grace. Resolve 18 + 2
My word is my oath. I challenge anyone here to find someone who knows different. Honest 2 + 2
Ask around. When I see problems I take matters into my own hands. Aggressive 2 + 1
on Heritage Hill
Their presence doesn't prove cause. This testimony is not evidence, it is a guess. Intellect 16 + 2
I have reason to believe there were others at the tower who might have done this. - + 1
There is no denying that they were studying dangerous machinery they did not understand. - - 1
They followed ambition blindly, taking few precautions and allowing personal feelings to get in the way of solving the problem. Perception 15 - 2
on the Leaden Key
What's more likely? That the gods are destroying Dyrwood for a science practiced in many parts of the world? Or that a group of people hates animancy and wants it suppressed? I have seen these machines with my own eyes and they operate by mechanisms only someone with ancient knowledge would understand. No group but the Leaden Key traces back that far. Mechanics 5 + 2
Shall I tell you then of the robes these people wore? Of the runes inscribed in a dead language swearing an oath to Woedica to seal knowledge with a key of lead? Sound like children to you? Perception 15 + 2
The Leaden Key is very real. They are foreigners from Aedyr and Readceras who hate Dyrwood and want to see us suffer. Is it so hard to believe our historical enemies would conspire against us? The Legacy started on the heels of the Saint's War. And Aedyr has been trying to reclaim us since Admeth Hadret's days. Lore 3 + 1
You would suggest that the sacrifices of the people of Dyrwood were insufficient to gain us bitter enemies? How dare you? + 2
Let's say a lord is cuckolded by his wife. If he tells her to stop, she'll only want her lover more. But if he spreads a rumor that her lover has just visited a brothel and acquired a pox on his loins, she'll end it on her own. Think of it this way then. It's like a bard at an inn, playing his favorite song night after night. If you tell him you don't like the song, he'll play it louder. But if you pay the patrons to leave, he'll think the song is to blame and stop playing it. Intellect 16 and Perception 14 + 2
It's no different than Thorne's farce 'The Doughty Burglar,' where the burglar has to get Aedeldred to leave his wife by making him think it was his own idea. Lore 9 + 2
We all want the same thing here. We want Waidwen's Legacy to end. If we work together instead of arguing, we can stop the people who are doing this. I swear to you that no animancer has anything to do with your children's tragic fate. The Legacy continues until we stop the right people. Resolve 16 + 2
If any animancer so much as breathes within a league of an unborn child, they'll have me to answer to. But right now we need to focus on the Leaden Key. Might 18 + 1
If you know anything about me, you know this - I have been called many things, but never a liar. An honest witness is the best piece of evidence you have in this matter. Honest Rank 3 + 2
on who helped you
I took a personal interest in the matter, and tried to learn what I could. + 1
on animancy
I would allow animancers to continue their work. They explore questions we all wish to understand. If we knew more, perhaps this crisis could've been averted. + 2
Animancy should be studied in Dyrwood. If you don't, someone else will, and they will wield great power over you. + 1
The animancers of Dyrwood have been given too long a leash. The practice should be restricted and controlled. + 1
In truth I'm not completely confident animancy doesn't have something to do with Waidwen's Legacy. It would be wise to ban the practice, at least for now. - 1
Animancy is too dangerous. We were not meant to use it, and we have proven why we are unworthy of it. It should be outlawed. - 2