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An Animat is a vessel in Pillars of Eternity. They are resistant to Pierce and Slash damage, but vulnerable to Shock damage.


Animats were initially created to serve as guardians for royal tombs. Their earliest creators bound the souls of their strongest warriors and servants to intricate sculptures, made of various materials in accordance to the rank of the soul captured within. As the knowledge of the technique for this process became more widespread, powerful animancers started creating their own animats to serve as personal guardians, using whatever weapons and materials lay at hand.

Animats can only be created through the use of loyal souls that hold a powerful dedication to protecting their charges. While the ritual to create them can still be performed upon unwilling subjects, a lack of resolve in a participant's soul can result in abominations which immediately attempt to destroy themselves in a violent manner, often inflicting collateral damage in the process. Even successful creations remain vulnerable to the onset of doubt, and most animat creators take great care not to allow such doubts to manifest.

The Engwithans were particularly proficient with animats. Their otherwise unremarkable metallurgy fused copper and adra together, using the former as conductor for soul energy and the latter as its store, resulting in powerful, resilient, and versatile servants.


  • Animats are a common encounter in the Endless Paths of Od Nua, divided into two types: Regular and adra animats. The latter are larger, more durable, and serve either as linebreakers or heavy magic support.

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