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Anslög's Compass is a wilderness area in Pillars of Eternity.


Named for a rocky stretch of land that theoretically resembles a sundial, this lagoon provides decent fishing for both brave Dyrwoodans and a local contingent of Xaurips. More than one ship has met its end upon the nearby reef, and debris occasionally washes ashore from the wreckage.

Points of interest[]

  • You run into Egdrang and Tily at the entrance to the northwest. After talking to them they are attacked by xaurips, after which, if still alive, they will exit the map. There is no special reward for saving them, other than feeling good about saving kith lives and foreshadowing the strong xaurip presence.
  • Straight down south and then east (roughly in the center of the area) is a sea cave containing four sporelings and a dank spore. Dispatching it gives access to decent loot from the corpses. Mind the Fine Wand in a hidden stash near the dank spore. Slightly west of the entrance to the cave is one of Fulvano's pages, buried in the sand.
  • In the southwest portion of the map, on the way to Ranga and Tana's camp, you will find Ponamu Bird-Scorned, a merchant added in Deadfire Pack.
  • Further south, on the peninsula, is Ranga and Tana's camp. Ranga will help you complete A Mother's Plea.
  • Up in the northeastern corner is a xaurip camp with a Xaurip Priest (caution is advised). Right below, on the shore, lies the body of a Vailian, the explorer Fulvano. He's carrying Fulvano's Letter and a Fine Arbalest.
  • A short walk west of there is a xaurip shrine with a number of drake/dragon skulls laid out in a circle. In one of them you'll find another page.
  • Finally, in the south-eastern corner is the aforementioned crashed ship with a gul infestation. Wipe them out to find some minor loot and the last page.


Related quests[]

Side quests[]




Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in Anslög's Compass, see here.


Behind the scenes[]

  • This area contains developer commentary.
Anslög's Compass was fun to design, even just in terms of it being so different from all the other areas we were working on at the time. The name was an effort at the kinda goofy names that landmarks tend to pick up, and it ended up causing everyone on the team a ton of trouble to remember.

Environment art did a great job with the render, and then the effects guys came in and really just made the place come to life. Once the waves were in I tentatively asked for floating seaweed, thinking that it would never happen, and they got that working too! It was one of the first proof-of-concept areas for more involved effects work, and once people saw the results it kicked off a bunch of cool ideas in other areas.

~ Olivia Veras, Junior Designer