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Argwes Adra is a unique plate armor in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

When Gréf Admeth Hadret passed the "Ten Years" Treaties on the anniversary of the War of Black Trees, he outlawed the looting of Engwithan ruins. While this was a popular move among the Glanfathans - as well as the frontier villagers who frequently found themselves the subject of the tribes' vengeance - it was an unwelcome change for the traders and adventurers who had made their living selling Engwithan artifacts.

Quite a few vendors, however, took to commissioning and selling replicas. Many fakes were so skillfully made that even scholars had difficulty distinguishing between them, and ciphers were sometimes hired to attest to the authenticity of high-value objects.

Argwes Adra ("Adra Armor") actually was taken from ruins near the Court of Bowing Ashes, but it so closely resembled two known fakes that it famously passed through Defiance Bay, Ancenze, and Selona before an animancer in Barda recognized its authenticity.