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At All Costs is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.


Mestre Verzano gives the Watcher a package to deliver to Gareth at the Goose and Fox in Copperlane. As it quickly turns out, Verzano's gotten himself in trouble with the local crime cartel and drags the Watcher into the fray...


You start with quest by speaking to Mestre Verzano in the Vailian Trading Company. He will then give you a quest item, bitter squash seeds, to deliver to Gareth in the Goose and Fox.

Deliver the quest item. Danna Doemenel of House Doemenel will interrupt the deal, and tell you to deliver a message to Verzano to let him know that the Doemenels know about his outside deals, and are coming to kill him. If you wish, you may be aggressive with Danna and attack her in the inn. This will not cause any other NPCs to become hostile in the inn although her fiance, Cendric may attack you later in Copperlane.

Return to the Trading Company and speak to Verzano. Pallegina will enter to tell Verzano that he no longer has the protection of the Vailian Embassy. You're then given 3 choices how to proceed.

  • Take payment for your delivery and leave Verzano to his fate.
    • This option forces you out of the warehouse and you can't intervene. Verzano is assumed dead once you do this.
  • Defend Verzano from House Doemenel.
  • Kill Verzano yourself for getting you into this mess.

All options will finish the quest. If Danna was already killed, simply let Verzano know, and he will reward you as standard.

Regardless of which option you choose, Pallegina will offer to join your party when you finish.


  • Killing Gareth will not turn the other guests at the inn against you, but it will fail the quest (unless you are in combat with Danna and shoot Gareth in the back as he's trying to run away).
  • Killing Danna at The Goose and Fox inn or the Vailian Trading Company will cause her fiance, Cendric, to attack you in Copperlane.
  • Killing Danna in the Vailian Trading Company branch office will cause Doemenel Thugs to attack you in Ondra's Gift.
  • For every Doemenel NPC you kill, you will receive Extraordinary Negative reputation with House Doemenel.
  • Killing Verzano before confronting him about the Doemenels will fail the quest.
  • If you side with House Doemenel and kill Verzano, Danna will tell you to see her brother in the Doemenel Manor, which will start A Two Story Job if you do not already have it.
  • Upon dying, two of Verzano's guards will net you a Minor Negative reputation with Defiance Bay, even if you do absolutely 0 damage to them or anyone else.
  • If you don't attack Danna in the inn, and then leave Verzano to his fate, you can complete this quest without any combat or skill checks, making it essentially free experience. The downside being that you need to actually fight Verzano to get the invitation to A Two Story Job.

Obtaining Forgiveness twice[]

It is possible to acquire two exemplars of Forgiveness during the At All Costs quest. In order to achieve this:

  1. Player must kill Danna's party after handling bitter squash seeds to Gareth in The Goose and Fox inn
  2. After returning to Vailian Trading Company, accept payment from Verzano peacefully
  3. The moment after doing this, Verzano will be on his way to leave the building; however, this will happen without cutscene playing, so player is free to attack Verzano (which will turn him and all guards in Vailian Trading Company hostile)
  4. After killing all enemies, second Forgiveness can be looted from Verzano's body

This can probably be considered a bug, but is still present in 3.07.1318 version of the game.


ID Objectives
0 At All Costs
10000 Mestre Verzano, the head of the Vailian Trading Company in Defiance Bay, wants me to deliver a package.
2 Return to Verzano in Ondra's Gift.
10002 Verzano's gotten himself in trouble with the local crime cartel. Unfortunately, he's dragged me with him.

He's waiting for me at the Vailian Trading Company in Ondra's Gift. When I confront him, I'll have to decide how I want to handle his treachery.

20000 I defeated Danna and her thugs at the Goose and Fox, so Verzano has one less thing to worry about.
1 Deliver the package to Gareth in Copperlane.
10001 Mestre Verzano has given me a package to deliver to Gareth at the Goose and Fox in Copperlane.
12 Get bitter squash seeds from Verzano at the warehouse in Ondra's Gift.
10012 I told Verzano that I wasn't interested in his delivery job. He told me to return to him if I change my mind.
13 Defeat Danna Doemenel.
10013 I've decided to protect Verzano from Danna Doemenel. Now, she and her thugs have it in for me, too.
14 Kill Verzano.
10014 I've decided to kill Verzano. This shouldn't be much of a challenge.
End states
Yes Protected Verzano
30000 I protected Verzano from the vengeful Danna Doemenel. I'll have to watch my step around the rest of House Doemenel.
Yes Stayed out of it
30001 I washed my hands of the dispute between Mestre Verzano and House Doemenel. Danna Doemenel made short work of the merchant.
Yes Killed Verzano
30002 I killed Mestre Verzano. With as many enemies as he'd made, it was only a matter of time before someone did it.
Yes Protected Verzano, Verzano died
30003 I attempted to protect Verzano from the vengeful Danna Doemenel, but he died during the fight. I'll have to watch my step around the rest of House Doemenel.
Yes Killed Verzano, Danna died
30004 I killed Mestre Verzano, but Danna Doemenel was also killed in the fight. Hopefully, the rest of House Doemenel won't hold me responsible for her death.
No Murdered Verzano
30005 I killed Verzano before completing the job.
No Murdered Gareth
30006 I killed Gareth before delivering the package from Verzano.