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In response to patch v1. to Pillars of Eternity (June 6, 2024), the random loot tables shown on the wiki have been updated. These changes may take time to propegate.

As a result, random loot data is no longer accurate to old versions of the game, including all console ports. We'll be working to provide a mechanism to switch between pre-patch and post-patch loot for console players.


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Weapons are your primary method of aggressively negotiating with other denizens of the world (the other being your sharp wit).

Each weapon has its own, unique tactical niche: daggers deal low damage, but attack fast and don't take much effort to swing, pikes are slow and cumbersome, but have increased reach. Picking the right tool for the job is a large part of defeating enemies you come across in your journeys.

For an overview of combat mechanics with weapons, see Avowed combat.

Upgrades[ | ]

Main article: Avowed upgrades

Like most other equipment, weapons are available in different quality levels: Common, Fine, Exceptional, and Legendary. Each quality level has three upgrades which may be crafted, which improve the stats of the weapon.

Additionally, cores may be used to add special enchantments to non-unique weapons of Fine quality and above.

Melee weapon types[ | ]

Different melee weapons will have different attack speeds, but for most weapons will be categorized by their relative handedness and speed (fast one-handed, large one-handed, and two-handed). Fast one-handed weapons attack more frequently than large one-handed weapons. Two-handed weapons are almost universally hard-hitting weapons, that can deal more damage per-hit than their one-handed counterparts and can hit multiple enemies with one swing, but you cannot use a off-hand weapon, shield, or grimoire with them.

Fast one-handed weapons are particularly effective against enemies with low damage reduction and two-handed weapons are particularly effective against enemies with high damage reduction.

One-handed[ | ]

Implements Damage Stun Stamina Cost Critical Hit Chance

Two-handed[ | ]

Implements Damage Stun Stamina Cost Critical Hit Chance

Ranged weapon types[ | ]

Ranged weapons offer a distinct advantage in combat by allowing players to attack enemies from a distance, putting them out of melee range, and allowing you to utilize cover or elevation. This range comes at a cost, and most ranged weapons (excluding magical implements) must be aimed, which can make fast and small enemies more difficult to hit at a distance.

Bows and crossbows[ | ]

Bows and crossbows have the largest attack range among all the ranged weapons in the game. Bows are the fastest to use, but are still slower than most melee weapons. Crossbows are significantly slower to reload and fire than hunting bows or war bows, but they do more damage.

Implements Damage Stun Stamina Cost Critical Hit Chance

Firearms[ | ]

Firearms are very slow to reload, taking longer to reload than any other weapons, and have to be aimed, but they make up for it by dealing high damage.

Implements Damage Stun Stamina Cost Critical Hit Chance

Magical implements[ | ]

Magical implements are ranged magical missile weapons, that are generally fast and accurate, don't have to be aimed since their missiles home in on their targets, but they're not very powerful.

Implements Damage Stun Stamina Cost Critical Hit Chance

Behind the scenes[ | ]

  • Wands were added later on in Avowed's development, after studio design director Josh Sawyer noticed they were omitted. As weapons, wands lie somewhere in between a melee weapon and a ranged. You can quickly cast magic missles at a range, but also parry and deflect attacks.[1]

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