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Disambig.png This article is about barbarian abilities in Pillars of Eternity. For barbarian abilities in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, see Barbarian abilities (Deadfire).

The following is a list of Barbarian abilities in Pillars of Eternity.

List of barbarian abilities[]

Select one ability of the current or lower levels at each odd level. Carnage is learnt automatically by all barbarians at level 1.

Ability Acquirable
at level
Activation Effects Speed Duration Area Description
Barbaric yell icon.png Barbaric Yell 1 Active
(2 per Encounter)
Average 12.0 seconds 5.0m Radius from Caster Lets out a terrifying yell, frightening enemies in the area of effect.
Barbarian passive icon.png Carnage 1
  • Causes 0.66x damage to enemies in a 1.5m radius from the targeted enemy
1.5m Radius from Target The barbarian's attacks become so forceful as to impact others around the target enemy. For every successful melee attack, the barbarian makes reduced-damage attacks at all other enemies within a short distance of the target.
Frenzy icon.png Frenzy 1 Active
(1 per Encounter)
Average 12.0 seconds Self Sends the barbarian into a frenzied state, granting a Might, Constitution, and Attack Speed bonus but causing a Deflection penalty against incoming attacks. While the barbarian’s Frenzy is active, his or her Endurance and Health are concealed.
Barbarian passive icon.png Blooded 3 Passive Self Causes the barbarian to lash out when in pain, granting a bonus to damage for as long as his or her Endurance is below 50%.
Savage defiance icon.png Savage Defiance 3 Active
(1 per Encounter)
Instant 12.0 seconds Self The barbarian channels his or her own irrepressible determination, regenerating a large amount of Endurance.
Wild sprint icon.png Wild Sprint 3 Active
(3 per Rest)
Instant 5.0 seconds Self The barbarian becomes able to charge with reckless abandon, allowing him or her to ignore the movement stop of Engagement and gain bonus to all defenses against Disengagement Attacks.
Barbarian passive icon.png Bloodlust 5 Passive 8.0 seconds Self Imparts an unquenchable bloodlust to the Barbarian, increasing his or her speed temporarily in battle once he or she has personally downed at least two enemies.
Barbarian passive icon.png Brute Force 5 Passive Self The barbarian hits so hard that ordinary means of defense can be easily overpowered. On attacks that normally target Deflection, the barbarian will instead attack Fortitude if it is the lower defense.
Barbarian passive icon.png One Stands Alone 5 Passive
  • Self: +2 enemies needed to get Flanked
  • +20% Melee Damage when adjacent to 2 or more enemies
The barbarian makes a courageous stand against all attackers. Grants a melee Damage bonus when the barbarian is adjacent to two or more enemies, and the barbarian cannot be flanked unless Engaged by more than three enemies.
Blood thirst icon.png Blood Thirst [WM2] 7 Passive
  • Recover immediately after killing an enemy
Self After killing an enemy, the barbarian's Recovery is waived, allowing them to attack again immediately.
Barbarian passive icon.png Thick-skinned 7 Passive Toughens the Barbarian's naturally thick skin, raising his or her Damage Reduction.
Barbarian passive icon.png Threatening Presence 7 Passive Average 3.0 seconds 1.25m Radius from Caster The barbarian's mere presence becomes so intimidating as to fill all approaching enemies with nauseating dread. As long as the barbarian is stationary, nearby enemies may be Sickened.
Barbaric shout icon.png Barbaric Shout 9 Active
(2 per Rest)
Average 20 seconds 7.5m Radius from Caster Lets out a dreadful shout, Terrifying enemies in the area of effect.
Barbarian passive icon.png Vengeful Defeat 9 Passive 2.0m Radius from Caster Exacts a final revenge when the Barbarian is reduced to 0 Endurance, causing him or her to perform instant Carnage Full Attacks at everyone in range.
Barbarian passive icon.png Eye of the Storm [WM1] 11 Passive
  • Cannot be Engaged by enemies more than 1 level below own level
Self The barbarian cannot be Engaged by enemies that are more than 1 level lower than him or her. It does not prevent the barbarian from being attacked in melee.
Heart of fury icon.png Heart of Fury 11 Active
(1 per Encounter)
Average 1.0 second 2.0m Radius from Caster The barbarian swings viciously in a lightning-quick flurry, taking on all comers. Each equipped weapon attacks every nearby enemy, doing extra damage and inflicting Carnage if applicable.
Barbaric retaliation icon.png Barbaric Retaliation [WM2] 13 Passive
  • Characters hitting Self: 8-12 Raw Damage
The barbarian reflexively lashes out at anyone who hits him or her in melee, doing Raw damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.
Dragon leap icon.png Dragon Leap [WM1] 13 Active
(1 per Encounter)
Average 1.5m Radius Drawing upon reserves of intense spiritual power, barbarians are able to leap high into the air and crash down upon their foes, Dazing them.
Echoing shout icon.png Echoing Shout [WM2] 15 Active
(1 per Encounter)
Length: 30m, bounces up to 1 times The barbarian projects his or her rage into a wave of energy that causes Crush damage and Dazes everyone caught in its path. If the shout strikes a solid surface, it will bounce once.