Beloved Land: Poems from Eir Glanfath

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Beloved Land: Poems from Eir Glanfath
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Beloved Land: Poems from Eir Glanfath is a book in Pillars of Eternity.

Description[edit | edit source]

"The Tree, The Wind

Who shall hear the voice of the wind?
Its beauty resplendent, unseen, intangible
Its tongue whispers the oath,
‘I move, I carry.
     Always will I fly
          and always will I change.
               For nothing is permanent.
                    Nothing escapes my grasp.’

Who shall call the heart of the wind?
It travels swiftly, fiercely, untouchable
Its fist howls the promise,
                    ‘I push, I break.
               Never will I stop
          And never will I land
     All is in my domain
And all bend to my will.’

Who shall resist the force of the wind?
Its anger presses, pushes, drives

And the tree answers its call
          Your voice is
     loud. Your name is
     grand. Your force is
     mighty. I shall not
         resist. I will not
               I will
power shall wash over me.
You want me to bow. I will
bow. But I will always stand.
I     will     always     return.
I     will     always     recover.

That is my pledge. That is my promise. That is my oath.’"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The text is roughly in the shape of a bird, and a tree with roots.