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The Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer is a soulbound belt in Pillars of Eternity, added in the Deadfire Pack. It can be used by all classes.


As with other soulbound items, the in-game description is only gradually revealed. The description starts as just two paragraphs, and more are added each time the belt is upgraded:

Level 1

Icon parchment.png

Part paramilitary navy and part mercantile trade guild, the Royal Deadfire Company strives to spread Rauataian hegemony throughout the Deadfire Archipelago. The RDC boasts iron-shod ships bristling with heavy weaponry, crewed by loyal and efficient sailors - advantages that help the company maintain an influential presence in the region.

This belt of fine sharkskin bears the geometric tooling common to Rauatain fashion, and within the shallow grooves of each right angle hide arcane sigils. Though its material does not feel unusual to the touch, the belt imparts the wearer a feeling of comfortable warmth.

Level 2

Icon parchment.png

Few dangers pose as much risk to an ocean-going vessel as an uncontrolled fire, a fact doubly true when the vessel carries barrels of gunpowder and other explosives. While not all Royal Deadfire Company ships employ magicians with a propensity for manipulating flame, such vaunted individuals find themselves in great demand and can virtually set their own wages.

Level 3

Icon parchment.png

When Yuraska Rona joined the iron-sided vessel the Lion's Claw, her expertise at bending flame to her will, her nigh-instinctual understanding of trigonometry, and her skill with a hammer earned her a sizable commission. Yuraska had more interest in seeing the ancient ancestral homeland of her people than in her wages, but she appreciated the ability to return laden with heavy crates of food and other goods to her family's small and desolate homestead.

Level 4

Icon parchment.png

An incredibly effective warship, the Lion's Claw saw regular combat, first against the Wahaki, then against outlaw slavers, and eventually against Vailian raiders. Calm under duress and wildly capable, Yuraska distinguished herself as an irreplaceable asset to the ship, and the captain soon afforded her a berth of her own.

Meanwhile, her crewmates fought and died on deck.

Level 5

Icon parchment.png

Eventually, almost inevitably, the envious came for her. They smashed in the door to her berth and tore her from her hammock, dragging her across the floor and into the open gun deck. She screamed for help and begged for them to stop, only to be answered with a punch to the face and a broken knee.

When they pulled her towards the stairs to the main deck and a watery grave, Yuraska used the only hope left to her. Setting her eyes upon the powder stores, she spoke an incantation and threw a spark.

Soulbound upgrades

Level Requirements Classes Value Damage Enchantments
1 Bind this item to unlock the next level
Any class
1,640 Copper pand icon.png
  • Take 100 damage from ranged enemies to unlock the next level.
Any class
2,040 Copper pand icon.png
  • Take 200 damage from melee enemies to unlock the next level.
Any class
2,440 Copper pand icon.png
  • Deal 500 damage to enemies to unlock the next level.
Any class
2,840 Copper pand icon.png
  • Deal 500 Burn icon.png damage to enemies to unlock the next level.
Any class
4,040 Copper pand icon.png


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