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PX2 Benno.png
Biography and appearance
Game The White March - Part II
Race Meadow human
Gender Male
Location Mowrghek Îen
Quests Bogged Down

Benno is a character in The White March - Part II.

He can be found in Mowrghek Îen – near the center of the west edge of the map.


This man is half-obscured by the riot of lights and sigils emerging from the mud around him. He brings up an arm to shield his eyes, peering out at you. Benno is Herla's partner, who made a second mistake right after Herla got them trapped in the bog: He walked away, right into a magical trap set up by the bog cultists. It's a function of his pettiness and jealousy: He is a petty, terrible man who thieves from his partner and even abandoned his child in the past...


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This character starts quests.

Bogged Down


  • Bogged Down: He is the hapless fool trapped in the magic circle.