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Blood Legacy is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

You receive it from Lord Harond in Dyrford Village. He asks you to find his daughter, Aelys.


Lady Aelys Harond has disappeared in the quiet town of Dyrford. Lord Harond is sick with worry for her and fears that the townsfolk are intentionally keeping something from him. The Watcher can investigate the matter and discover efforts underway to engineer the fall of the House of Harond - not without reason.


Speak with Lord Harond in the Dracogen Inn in Dyrford. He will ask you to find out what happened to his daughter Aelys.

Optionally, you can ask around for information about Aelys from the villagers:

  • Innkeeper Dengler requires an honest reputation, sufficient Resolve, or a bribe to spill information; you can learn more from Hendyna with Survival 4 (or after completing Nest Egg) to find out that Aelys is pregnant. In either case, you are directed to Trygil's shop for more information.
  • Trygil will tell you that Aelys was captured by an ogre in Dyrford Crossing, which is the same ogre you will meet during A Farmer's Plight. The ogre, Korgrak, will tell you that he has never seen Aelys. Deal with the ogre however you wish. The ogre can be recruited if you lend a sympathetic ear.
  • If you return to Trygil and confront him about his lie, he and his friend Sabhan will attack you.

In any case, you will need to find an entrance to the temple of Skaen under Dyrford. There are two options:

  • Go through the entrance in Trygil's Curriery. The door has a level 7 lock, but the key can be found in a hidden stash inside a vat of dye. If Trygil was not already killed, he will attack as soon as you open the door.
  • Go through the hidden entrance in the center of Dyrford Crossing. The entrance is a statue base, which will begin a Scripted interaction when you click on it. The statue can be moved with Might 19, unlocked with Mechanics 8, or pried away with a Hammer and Chisel as well as a Prybar. A key can also be found on a cultist's corpse on a ledge in Dyrford Crossing. The entrance to the ledge is in the ogre cave. This entrance gets you much closer to the Blood Pool room with a lot less combat.

Fight your way through the Skaen cultists. The ruins have many narrow passages, so you may want to take advantage of them as bottlenecks. There are also many high-level traps, so keep a lookout in rooms with patterned brick floors. To get to the end, you must first find the Blood Pool at the east side of the dungeon (cruel characters may want to stay away from the pool and read about Effigy's Resentment first). Each door leading to the Blood Pool has a level 9 lock, and can also be opened with a key found elsewhere in the dungeon. From the Blood Pool, head northwest, and eventually you will be lead to the boss' chamber. (Warning: Opening this door pulls the entire party into the room, making the fight extra difficult if you choose to fight.)

Confront the leader, Wymund. He reveals to you that Aelys is not Lord Harond's daughter, but his niece, and that she bears his child. He will inform you that he has performed a ritual that will eventually result in Aelys killing the entire Harond family. If you go along with the scheme, the enemies become friendly, and Aelys moves back to Dyrford Village. If you object to the plan, you will have to kill Aelys, as well as kill Wymund and his cultists. If you are a Cipher, a Priest of Skaen, or have Grieving Mother in your party, you also get the option to reverse the ritual and erase her memories, causing her to retreat to the northwest corner of the room during the ensuing fight.

After the encounter, speak with Aelys if she is still alive, and advise her on where she should go. Return to Lord Harond in Dyrford, and the quest will end.


There are a few factors determining what reward you get, and what reputations are affected.

  • If Aelys Harond is corrupted, and you lie about her condition (be deceptive), Lord Harond will give you 1,200Copper pands (cp), the Amulet of Summer Solstice and Moderate positive reputation with Dyrford Village. You may choose a diplomatic request, for an additional 250Copper pands (cp) and Major Positive reputation with Dyrford Village, or an aggressive request, for 250Copper pands (cp) more and Extraordinary reputation with Dyrford Village.
  • If Aelys Harond is corrupted, and you tell the truth about the ritual (be honest), Lord Harond will give you nothing, but you will get Major Positive reputation with Dyrford Village to see them go. With 14 Might or Resolve, you may threaten Harond, who will then give you 750Copper pands (cp). This changes the reputation gain to Extraordinary positive with Dyrford Village, but also Moderate Negative with Defiance Bay.
  • If Aelys Harond is dead or freed, Lord Harond will be found on the second floor of the inn.
    • When you report that she isn't coming back, Harond will give you 1,200Copper pands (cp) to put the matter behind you, which will result in Major positive Reputation with Dyrford Village.
    • With 14 Might or Resolve, you can threaten him to increase the reward by 250Copper pands (cp), which changes the reputation to Extraordinary positive with Dyrford Village and Moderate Negative with Defiance Bay.
    • You may also assassinate Harond at this point, which gives you 1200Copper pands (cp) and all the loot on his corpse, which has 250Copper pands (cp), an additional random amount of currency, and Amulet of Summer Solstice. Killing him gives Extraordinary positive reputation with Dyrford Village, and Major negative reputation with Defiance Bay.
      • Killing Harond without speaking to him will successfully finish the quest (giving you full experience) and you will get all the loot (including Amulet of Summer Solstice), but won't affect your reputation (neither in Dyrford Village, nor in Defiance Bay).

Siding with Wymund:

While not – strictly speaking – a quest reward, the ancient blood pool in the Dyrford Ruins can be used to sacrifice one of your companions to Skaen in exchange for gaining the Effigy's Resentment talent. The exact bonus given by this talent varies according to the sacrificed companion, but always consists of a permanent bonus to one of your primary attributes plus a bonus to secondary stats or skills.


  • It is possible to open the door behind Trygil without going into combat from the other side of the door, i.e. if you entered the temple from Dyrford Crossing. To do so position your party next to the ladder leading down into the temple, have one party member open the door, and then quickly click the ladder to level transition back to the temple. When you go back up again Trygil will still be friendly. (Although there is no usefulness to this trick other than for role-play.)


ID Objectives
0 Blood Legacy
10000 Lady Aelys Harond has disappeared in the quiet town of Dyrford. Lord Harond is sick with worry for her and fears that the townsfolk are intentionally keeping something from him.
12 Return to Lord Harond at the Dracogen Inn.
10012 Wymund, an animancer and devotee of Skaen, told me some surprising details about Aelys... and her pregnancy by her uncle, Lord Harond.

Now that I've dealt with Wymund, it's time to deal with Harond.

20010 Wymund urged me to act natural. As long as I say nothing about Aelys' condition when I return to Harond, the Skaenites' plan will succeed.
2 Search Dyrford for information about Aelys' disappearance.
10002 Lord Harond has not seen Lady Aelys in days now, and it seems the villagers of Dyrford have not been much help. Still, I may be able to learn something useful by asking around.
20000 Dengler explained that Aelys had become acquainted with Trygil, the local currier. His shop is the one in the broken tower.
20011 Hendyna told me she saw Aelys talking with Trygil. His shop is in the broken tower near her cart.
20009 Hendyna mentioned that Aelys was pregnant.
20001 Trygil claims that an ogre took Aelys somewhere near the Bael River, east of Dyrford.
20008 Trygil claims that an ogre took Aelys somewhere near the Bael River, east of Dyrford. While I had a hard time believing she snuck away with him, there may still be some clues in the wilderness.
20002 I found the ogre, but there was no trace of Aelys in the cave.
20003 Korgrak the ogre denied that he'd eaten Aelys. I don't suppose he has anything to hide, but perhaps Trygil does.
20004 While exploring a cave just east of the Bael River, I found a corpse carrying a note and a skull-handled key. The note mentioned a secret temple of some sort with an entrance near the river and another in a tower behind a shop. The note was stained with splotches of some kind of pigment and signed "T."
20005 Trygil attacked me when he realized I'd learned too much. Of course, I still don't know exactly what he was hiding...
20006 I found a ruin of some kind underneath Dyrford. It's not clear what it used to be, but symbols of Skaen have been painted on the walls and carved into the tunnels.
20007 It seems that an animancer devoted to Skaen has kidnapped Aelys for some kind of ritual. He must be somewhere in these ruins.
17 Speak with Lord Harond at the Dracogen Inn.
10017 A guard on the bridge to Dyrford told me that Lord Harond's daughter is missing. He and the rest of House Harond's retainers have been combing the village for her, but to no avail.

Lord Harond is waiting at the inn. He would know more about the disappearance.

End states
Yes Aelys is Dead
30000 Lord Harond was horrified at Aelys' death and even more horrified that I knew his secret.
- Aelys is cleansed
Yes Aelys is not cleansed
30002 I sent Aelys back to Lord Harond, knowing that she'll murder him once her tainted mind completes its metamorphosis.
Yes Aelys has run away
30003 Wiping Aelys' mind of the Skaenite influence also wiped her memories of Lord Harond and what he'd done to her. I sent her to start a new life far from her uncle.
Yes Aelys is committed.
30004 Aelys returned to Lord Harond, but I explained that the Skaenites had tainted her mind. Harond will have her committed to the Brackenbury Sanitarium, where I can only hope she'll be better off.
30005 Someone critically important to this quest has died.
Yes Harond killed at end
30006 I killed Lord Harond and left his body on the upper floor of that stinking inn. It was no less than he deserved.