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A Bog Bat is a beast in Pillars of Eternity. They are resistant to Burn and Corrode damage, but are vulnerable to Freeze damage.


Bog bats are differentiated from their skuldr and skuldrak relatives by several physiological differences. Chief among these is the fact that bog bats appear to retain their juvenile morphology even once mature. This provides adult bog bats with the capacity for flight, but it limits their prey to what creatures they can bring down individually. To that end, bog bats are equipped with a noxious secretion which they spit at their intended victims. Bog bats also eschew the large, communal broods of their larger relatives. Bog bats are typically found in small swarms, and will frequently squabble over food, mates and territory.


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The journal entry listed above is not from the game, as it lists the wrong one, for Skuldrs. The correct description is contained in the game files.