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Bog Dragon Scale is a monster part in Pillars of Eternity. It is used in the Legendary quality enchantment for both armor and shields.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Once full-grown, each dragon takes on the traits of the environment it has claimed as its kingdom, and the change is reflected in every aspect of its form. This particular scale has a strange, mossy texture at its surface, but is as solid and hard as steel beneath. The scale's sheen makes it appear slick, though it is dry to the touch.


Recipes using Bog Dragon Scale[]

Enchanting recipes[]

Name Effects Level Enchantment Points Ingredients Cost
Shield enchantment recipes
Legendary (shield) [WM2] 16 8 Anvils 10,000Copper pands (cp)
Armor enchantment recipes
Legendary (armor) [WM2]
  • +8 Damage Reduction (DR)
16 8 Anvils 10,000Copper pands (cp)

Crafting recipes[]

Name Effect Duration Value Ingredients Amount
No crafting recipes use Bog Dragon Scale