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Bogged Down is a task in The White March - Part II


A pair of traders was split up after their cart became mired in the bog, putting their trip to Stalwart on hold.


  • Talk to Herla in the Mowrghek Îen bog to receive the task.
  • Her partner is located in the southeastern corner, trapped by a magic field set up by the bog cultists. To unlock it, you need to find a chest near Arcanist Badrwn and collect his notes from inside. These contain the solution to his predicament. (A Wizard Watcher with Lore of at least 8 may skip this.)
  • Return to Benno. You will be confronted by a ghost when you attempt to stamp out the symbols, who will offer to improve and strengthen his soul, removing Benno's rather horrible character traits and making him stronger. You can return to Herla no matter the decision.


ID Objectives
0 Bogged Down
10000 A pair of traders was split up after their cart became mired in the bog. Their trip to Stalwart's on hold until the two are reunited.
Alternate descriptions
40001 A wayward trader has gotten himself trapped inside some kind of magical barrier. He's rather desperate to be released.
1 Find Benno.
10001 Herla's waiting on her partner, Benno, so they can get back to the business of taking her wares to Stalwart. It seems he's run off into the bog in a fit of temper. She'd like me to track him down.
2 Find a way to free Benno.
10002 It looks like Benno's fallen awry of a magical trap of some kind. He seems to think it has something to do with the locals. I may be able to find more clues nearby.
20000 I found a letter referring to a ritual circle in the bog. It seems like this 'Badrwn' might know how it works.
20001 I've found a note on the corpse of a wizard describing some of the symbols around the ritual circle. Perhaps this will help me get Benno out of the trap.
End states
No Quest Failed
30000 Someone critical to this quest has died.
Yes Freed Benno, He's Himself
30001 I was able to free Benno from the ritual circle, after dealing with some resentful spirits. Unaltered by their magic, Benno remains his usual charming self.
Yes Freed Benno, He's Not Himself
30002 Benno was freed from the ritual circle once a cadre of bound spirits had a go at 'improving' upon his personality. He seems more polite, at the very least. With luck he'll make the best of his new outlook on life.