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Poe2 gauntlet heavy 01 icon.png
Equipment slot
Item type
Icon cp2.png2,150
Shop value
Icon cp2.png10,750
Item bonuses
Item ID

Boltcatchers is a gauntlets in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Icon parchment.png

The Vailian Admiral Felipo wore these gloves during his legendary shipboard duel with Jón Everbrok, the infamous Dyrwoodan privateer. At the height of the duel, with their respective crews clashing in a bloody melee all around them, the two commanders engaged in mutual combat beneath a storming sky.

The fight turned in favor of Everbrok as the aging Felipo's endurance began to wane. Exhausted, the admiral redoubled his efforts in a final desperate assault. He drove Everbrok back, but only briefly. The pirate captain disarmed the admiral and prepared to deliver the killing stroke. Seeing his death was near, the honorable Felipo raised hand in salute to his opponent.

At that moment, the sky opened and a bolt of lightning struck Felipo's iron gauntlets in a flash of blinding, white light. The blast arced to Everbrok, killing him instantly and sending him flying over the deck and into sea. Felipo's crew, emboldened by their commander's victory, rallied and won the day.

After his retirement, the admiral locked away the gauntlets, wary of their power and unpredictability.


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