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Borresaine is a unique war bow in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The dwarven clan of Langmyhr dwelt in the wilds of Naasitaq, hunting game and surviving off of the harsh land. Summers were brief and winters difficult, but the winter of 2562 AI was one of the hardest in the tribe's long history. A mighty snow leopard had established territory nearby, scaring off much of the game near the village. By Fonauton, the hunters were returning with little more than rabbits, and the winter freeze was nigh. A dozen of the best hunters stuck out across the tundra, determined to hunt the great cat.

The beast was craftier than they'd planned, and by Iniverno, half of the hunters and most of their hunting foxes had been slain without so much as wounding the leopard. Desperate and furious, one of the hunters crafted a bow from the bones of her slain fox. As her remaining companions looked on, it seemed that all of her rage was channeled into the weapon while she carved and shaped it. Her work completed, she set off and tracked the beast to its lair. Once she'd killed it, she decorated her bow with its teeth as a reminder of the deed and of the long and tragic hunt.

Now black with age and use, this bow is nevertheless fierce to behold. It's studded with the teeth of a large cat, and the notches curve in tight spirals.


Behind the scenes[]

  • An cut/unused hunting bow exists with the same name - hunting_bow_backer_borresaine.