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Bracers of All-Consuming Rage is a glove item in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

When the husband and children of Elayna Skycleaver were captured by Terwyn the Blackhearted, she and her troops besieged his castle, hoping to negotiate her family's return. Instead, Terwyn had them impaled on the battlements while Elayna watched from below.

Upon seeing the atrocity, Elayna abandoned all rational thought and ran screaming toward Terwyn’s castle, first in anguish, then in rage. To the surprise of all present, Elayna suddenly stopped screaming and burst into flames, supposedly touched by Magran herself. Terwyn’s soldiers loosed their arrows, but Elayna didn't even slow. She struck the castle gates like a battering ram, bursting through and scattering Terwyn’s soldiers. Desperate to escape her fury, those who remained threw their master into her path. Her flames engulfed him, and no one knows if the unearthly scream that followed came from him or from her, but within minutes, both of them had burnt to ashes — only these bracers survived.

These bracers are made of bronze covered in a dark green patina. Etched into the metal is a picture of a slender humanoid engulfed in flames. Strangely enough, the humanoid has no head, only two blue orbs where the eyes would normally be.