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Brave Derrin is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


Derrin, the son of Odda and Weyd, is missing. The beleaguered wife asks you to find him, as her husband is of no help, drinking himself to death in The Salty Mast.


  1. Talk to Odda in Odda's House in Ondra's Gift.
  2. Investigate the fate of her son Derrin.
  3. Return to Odda and complete the Quest.
  4. Optional: Confront the murderer.


  1. Optional: Talk to Weyd in the The Salty Mast in Ondra's Gift or pay attention to the Crier to get a clue as to what it's all about.
  2. Enter Odda's House in Ondra's Gift and talk to Odda. She tells you that her son is missing and asks you to look for him, because she has to care for a hollowborn at home and can't go looking herself.
  3. Optional: Ask around about Derrin at the docks - some of the sailors and fishermen have seen him, or have rumors to share about him and his family:
    • Imatl tells you that Derrin is a good kid, but his father is a loafer who often spends his scant coin in the the Salty Mast. He also tells you that the boy likes to play around the ships at the docks.
    • Weyd tells you that Derrin was waiting for him in front of the Salty Mast and that his boy was gone when he left the establishment again.
    • Niah states that she has never heard of this child.
    • Marceno provides further information about the missing boy. He tells you that he refused the kid to play on the ship and saw him later heading towards the Salty Mast.
  4. Search for Derrin. When the tide is low, you might find his body near the Salty Mast. The body is only accessible during the day, and is highlighted by the familiar purple hue. Walk down into the water of the bay and go east until you find him submerged near the east edge of the map. His soul is still about, and as the Watcher you can talk to him to find out that he was murdered. At the end of the conversation you can choose to pick up the murder weapon – a dagger with the letter "B" engraved, as a clue to help identify the perpetrator.
  5. Optional: Talk to Weyd at the Salty Mast, tell him about the fate of his son and convince him to return to his family and become a better person (Resolve 16). Later, when you visit the family's house, he'll thank you for this.
  6. Return to Odda and either tell her the truth, or lie and say he has run away. If Weyd previously agreed to return to his wife, you will find that he has already delivered the bad news instead. Whatever you say, she'll give you a Minor Ring of Protection and a Fine Dagger. This finishes the quest as far as the journal and XP reward is concerned.
  7. Optional: If you haven't done it already, visit Weyd in the Salty Mast and tell him what happened to Derrin.
  8. Optional: The only thing left to do, is to find and confront the murderer. This nets no extra XP, but it seems like the right thing to do. Remember, we're looking for a shady character whose name begins with a "B". And it just so happens that Bragan, standing together with a group of fellow thugs on the platform in the far-West of Ondra's Gift, matches this description. (You can't have a talk with him if you haven't read Derrin's soul yet.) Show him the dagger, and he will admit it. Either kill him or accept a topaz as bribe to keep quiet, or do both. This has no impact on Odda.


  • If you've interacted with Derrin's Soul first, before even speaking to his mother or anyone else about his disappearance, there's no further information to get from any of the folks in Ondra's Gift, not even his father in the tavern. If you paid attention to the Crier you will however know that people with knowledge about Derrin's whereabouts should visit Odda.
  • There is no reputation loss for killing Bragan and his gang, regardless of whether or not you accepted the bribe to keep quiet. After all, he did only bribe you to keep quiet – there was no mention of sparing his life.
  • If you kill Bregan before talking to Odda, it will not result in the end slide IDs 30003 and 30005. The same is true for the reverse case. And while there are dialogue options in the files to tell Odda about the death of Derrin's murderers, the conditionals to trigger them in game seem to be a dead end. This raises the question of whether it is cut content or not. Verify
  • However, only killing Bregan before talking to Odda will lead to jornal ID 20009, giving the player the freedom to decide whether or not to document his actions.
  • While the contents of the end slide IDs 30002 and 30004 is achievable in game, the IDs themselves are not used. Verify


ID Objectives
0 Brave Derrin
10000 A young boy named Derrin has gone missing in Ondra's Gift.
1 Find Derrin.
10001 Odda's son, Derrin, has been missing for two days. She has to care for her Hollowborn child at home, so she's asked me to search for him.
20000 Odda last saw Derrin when he left with his father to go fishing at the docks. Perhaps I should speak with the sailors and fishermen in Ondra's Gift.
20001 I have heard rumors that Derrin's father frequents the Salty Mast.
20004 Imatl told me that Derrin likes to play around the ships at the docks.
20002 I found Derrin's father. He left the boy for a quick drink and lost track of him. He's too ashamed now to return home.
20003 Marceno, a local deckhand, told me that Derrin came by a few days ago asking to play on the ship. Marceno refused and saw the kid heading towards The Salty Mast, a local brothel.
2 Tell Odda about Derrin's fate.
10002 I found Derrin's body. His soul revealed that he was defending a prostitute from a pair of thugs near the Salty Mast. They murdered him and left his body beneath one of the docks.

Odda will want to know what happened.

I can also hunt down Derrin's killers and deal with them.

20005 I picked up a dagger with the letter 'B' engraved upon it. It most likely belonged to Derrin's killer.
20006 I killed Bragan and his cronies.
20007 I confronted Bragan with evidence of his role in Derrin's death. I accepted his bribe to keep quiet.
5 Find Derrin's killers.(Optional)
10005 Derrin's murderers are among the townsfolk harassing prostitutes and patrons at the Salty Mast.

If I want to seek justice for Derrin, I can probably find them near the brothel.

6 Tell Odda you've killed Derrin's murderers.
10006 I confronted Bragan with evidence of his role in Derrin's death. He and his friend attacked, and I killed them both.

It may bring Odda some peace to know that her son's killers are dead.

7 Find Derrin's family.
10007 I found a young boy's corpse in the canals near the brothel in Ondra's Gift. His family will want to know his fate.
20008 I picked up a dagger with the letter 'B' engraved upon it. It most likely belonged to Derrin's killer.
20009 I killed Bragan and his cronies.
20010 I confronted Bragan with evidence of his role in Derrin's death. I accepted his bribe to keep quiet.
20011 I found Derrin's father, Weyd, at the Salty Mast - he looked like he'd been there a while. Odda, Derrin's mother, lives in Ondra's Gift. I should find her to make sure she hears about her son.
End states
Yes Lied to Odda
30000 Odda is under the mistaken impression that Derrin left on a ship to start a new life. It's best that she doesn't know the truth about Derrin's death.
Yes Told Odda
30001 Odda was crushed by the news that Derrin was murdered, but at least she knows what happened to him.
Yes Told Weyd
30002 I told Weyd of his sons demise and forced him to return to his wife with the news.
Yes Found Killers
30003 I was able to locate the thugs who killed Derrin and finished what the young boy started by killing them. I told Odda that his soul rests in peace, and she gave me family keepsakes that she'd been saving for Derrin.
Yes Lied to Weyd
30004 I lied to Weyd about Derrin's demise and told he left on a ship to a far off land. I forced him to go tell his wife the news
Yes Lied/Found Killers
30005 I managed to find Derrin's killers, but I spared the family the news of their son's demise and let her live in ignorance of her son's death.
No Odda killed
30006 I killed Odda, putting an end to all of her worries.