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Brighthollow is the mansion of the master of Caed Nua in Pillars of Eternity.

To access the second floor, and use it for resting, the Brighthollow Restoration upgrade must be purchased.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Restoring Brighthollow will allow you to rest there. Other upgrades can unlock resting bonuses for it.


Brighthollow is the luxurious villa just next to the majestic keep of Caed Nua, designed to house its master in comfort.

Points of interest[]

  • The destroyed Brighthollow is empty of loot, useful only as eye candy if you enjoy medieval decay.
  • Once restored, the Brighthollow is where your companions can be found when they are not in your party or on an adventure. You can talk to them in the upstairs bedrooms.
  • The closest room to the stairs is the "master" bedroom with a view over the hedge maze. The other rooms are for each of your companions. They are as follows (from the stairs, counter-clockwise): Aloth (though he spends his time reading books nearby), Durance and Edér, Pallegina and Maneha, Grieving Mother, Kana, Zahua and Hiravias, and lastly Sagani, Itumaak and Devil of Caroc.
  • You can store items from your inventory in the containers in the master bedroom (specifically named "Trinket", "Potion", and "Armory" from the left), but there is no advantage to doing so. Each of the bedrooms has an empty container where you can put your companions' gear. The rooms on the ground floor are purely decorative.
  • A few new examinable objects appear upon completion of quests:

Resting bonuses[]

  • Once the Brighthollow Restoration upgrade has been applied, it allows selected attributes and skills to be temporarily improved by resting in the master bedroom upstairs. The improvement will remain in effect for 3 bonus-free rests, or until cancelled by a rest with another bonus. See Resting in Brighthollow.

Behind the scenes[]

Developer commentary, lower

Developer commentary, upper

  • This area contains developer commentary.
Brighthollow, much like the stronghold exterior, incorporates our system for dynamically changing the background of a scene the player is in. What was perhaps more challenging was that the vision for the player home was a two-storey house with a fountain in the middle that could be seen from both floors. What this meant for the implementation of the scene was that we needed the floor to reflect whatever level the construction the bottom floor was currently at. If the player did not rebuild the courtyard pool, but has restored the second floor of Brighthollow, what they would see from the top floor should be a ruined courtyard. With some smoke and mirrors we were able to accomplish this.

It is small things like this we feel help the backgrounds for the scene feel less like static 2D renders, but alive and responding to players' actions. This is also one place in the entire game that does anything like this, so we were definitely proud to get it working.

~ Matthew Perez, Junior Designer (lower)

The upper floor of Brighthollow, which becomes available once the Brighthollow restoration upgrade is built, was an opportunity for us to have a location in the game where we could place a bunch of companions together. Here the player is free to chit-chat with them and see them outside of their normal combat environment. We felt placing them all here, walking around in some cases, shacked-up with other companions, would help reinforce a sense of home to brighthollow.
~ Matthew Perez, Junior Designer (upper)