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Calisca PoE1 portrait companion xl.jpg
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Race Meadow human
Gender Female
Class Fighter
Location Encampment
Quests A Moment's Respite
Ruins of Cilant Lis
Companion Temporary

Calisca is a female fighter and temporary companion in Pillars of Eternity.

Background[edit | edit source]

Calisca has two brothers and one sister. Her parents reside in The Living Lands, and her sister Aufra lives in Gilded Vale. Her brothers live in Rauatai and the Aedyr Empire, respectively. She meets the player character while traveling to Gilded Vale to check on her sister's safety in light of recent events in the area. She mentions doing guide work in the Ixamitl Plains before setting out for Gilded Vale.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

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A Moment's Respite
Ruins of Cilant Lis

Details[edit | edit source]

During the game's prologue, Calisca is assigned to assist the player in tracking down a Springberry bush in order to concoct a medicinal tea. After the berries have been collected, she suggests that she and the player find Sparfel, who was supposed to be gathering water. Upon discovering that Sparfel's pack is laying near the river unattended, Calisca suggests that he's gone hunting again (despite specific instructions not to do so.) He is then seen stumbling out of the treeline with an arrow jutting out of his back. Afterwards, Calisca and the player are attacked by the two Glanfathan raiders responsible for Sparfel's death. Later, a confrontation occurs between the player and the leader of the Glanfathan raid. Following the defeat of the Glanfathans, a powerful magical storm phenomena occurs, and the survivors are forced to flee into the ruins of Cilant Lîs.

Calisca's fate is pre-determined; she will always die during the game's prologue. However, there are four different ways that she can meet her end:

  • If the player chooses to slay everyone in the caravan (by simply attacking them) instead of pursuing the quest to gather the Springberries, Calisca will become hostile and die at the hands of the player. Upon attacking anyone in the caravan, the quest objective of A Moment's Respite will change to "Slaughter the caravan."
  • If the player selects an option that causes Heodan to be injured by the Glanfathan Leader during the confrontation at the end of the night, and is saved during the storm event, he will insist on resting once the party enters Cilant Lîs. Should the player side with him and rest, Calisca will leave the party during the night, steal the party's waterskin, and die on the floor tile trap in the center of the dungeon.
  • If the above condition occurs, but the player disarms the floor trap and slays all of the monsters in the dungeon before resting, Calisca will leave during the night as usual, but she will safely avoid the floor tile trap—only to be killed outside by the cultists of the Leaden Key before the player arrives.
  • She will die right next to the player when the cultists activate the adra artifact (along with Heodan if he's present) shortly after the party exits the dungeon if:
    • Heodan dies during the storm event
    • Heodan is not injured in the confrontation with the Glanfathans
    • Heodan IS injured, but the player never rests in Cilant Lîs
    • The player sides with Calisca and refuses Heodan's request to rest

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