Captain Thaenic

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Captain Thaenic
Laxd portrait captain thaenic convo.png
LAXD Captain Thaenic.png
Biography and appearance
Game Deck of Many Things Pack
Race Moon godlike
Gender Male
Culture Aedyr
Background Merchant
Personality Sassy
Level 22
Location The Deck of Many Things
Services Merchant (Enchanted goods)
Neck Red Cape
Body Legendary Mail Armor
Weapon Set Legendary Sabre
Legendary Stiletto
Internal Name
GUID 9cd0725e-b72b-4599-8dc1-97f7939421f2

Captain Thaenic is a character in the Deck of Many Things Pack.

Background[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

"Greetings, my fellow captain!" The moon godlike's short stature and sharp features mark him as being of elven blood, and his accent bears more than a trace of Aedyran. He bows slightly at the hip.

Captain Thaenic is over one hundred years old and started his career on board the ship as a wee lad, a stowaway, who was almost thrown overboard. His godlike status helped him, and he was kept, first as a walking shrine to Ondra, then a sailor, and finally he achieved the position of the ship's captain.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

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This character is a merchant. Sells: Enchanted goods: Deck of Endless Possibilities, Beloved Knight Doll, Ring of Prosperity's Fortune, Necklace of Unlocked Possibilities, Slippers of the Assassin, Cape of the Falling Star, Cloak of Poverty, Fool's Shoes, Ring of Reset, Berath's Throwing Bones
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This character has other interactions.

Thaenic welcomes you to The Deck of Many Things and invites you to peruse the wares they brought from all over Eora.