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Captain Viccilo's Anger is a unique hatchet in Pillars of Eternity, added in The White March - Part II expansion.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Captain Viccilo was a pirate captain, beloved by his crew for his sense of humor and notorious for his practical jokes. One day, the crew decided to get him back. They pretended to mutiny, and marooned him on a desert island for two days. They gave him only a hatchet for splitting coconuts, knowing the small island had no coconut trees.

When they dragged him back up onto the ship, he was half-dead of thirst, and the first mate offered him a cup of water. Viccilo gulped it all down, only to realize it was salt water, and he spent the next while vomiting on the deck, lacking even the energy to get up from the floor. The crew laughed at the spectacle, and Viccilo said afterward there were no hard feelings.

But Viccilo was a changed man after his brush with death. He laughed with his men, but beneath the surface he was full of rage. It took him weeks to fully recover, and when he felt well enough, he used his hatchet to murder his crew as they slept.

The hatchet is dark gray with red coral growing in veins along the handle and blade. Some of Captain Viccilo's vengeful essence is thought to have slipped into the blade, and some killed by it are believed to have died not from their wounds, but from dehydration.