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Cayron's Scar is a location in The White March - Part II.


This desolate place in the White March is the impact site of a large fragment of Ionni Brathr (one of the three - now two - moons), called down by Ondra to wipe out the Engwithans. At the present, shielded by a contingent of Ondra's most faithful followers, it is the resting place of the Eyeless.

Points of interest[]

  • You enter the area from the northeast. Approach the frozen waterfall and you'll see where you need to end up... Together with the sheer number of Eyeless Hammers and Eyeless Stonepiercers in the way. Descend down the slopes to ground level. There's a lost soul you can interact with in the corner, who will warn you about a mysterious monster in the lake. A number of lagufaeths lurk nearby, headed by Chief Rending-Maw, who will drop the ring Iron Circle.
  • Around the eastern edge of the Scar are more encounters with snow bears. You can cross the ice pack by jumping across the floes, using Winter Wind, Rime and Frost Followed the Footfalls of Karth, or Blast of Frost. If you jump, party members with low Dexterity will suffer Frostbite, reducing their Fortitude and defence against Freeze attacks.
  • Otherwise, you'll have to proceed around the northern edge of the Scar and fight Ondrite fanatics. Up the slopes is a small shrine to Ondra... And Master Diometto, head of the fanatics. The camp is stocked with provisions and supplies that are useful in preparation for the raid at Ionni Brathr. Diometto will drop some nice loot: Gauntlets of Ogre Might, a Ring of Protection and the amulet Lost Periapt of the Winding Path.
  • The first obstacle when approaching from the northwest is a group of fanatics and lagufaeths. Sneaking through the Eyeless is possible, though it's usually best to take them out one by one. The route to the southwest contains a number of tentacles supported by Eyeless, so it's rather hazardous. However, it's the most direct path to the cave.
The Lair
  • The interior of the crystalline cavern is a one-way drop down to the bottom and the shard of Ionni Brathr in the center. In the first chamber, you will be greeted by Hair of Ondra, through which the goddess will inform you that you need to strike the crystal with Abydon's Hammer to attract the Eyeless, and strike it enough times so that they will join you - and bury themselves. With you. Excellent. Every companion has their own take on it as well.
  • Continue forward. After a nasty encounter with Eyeless, there will be another pool, into which you can dive. There will be loot there, Frythr's Plated Greaves, and passing a Constitution 17 and either Athletics 13 or Stealth 10 will allow the character you send to avoid taking damage or suffering wounds. No matter how you do, you'll have to fight a group of Lagufaeth.
  • Interact with the cliff face, and go down into the small lake. You will not be able to go back up from this lake, so make a save before entering, if you want to try the ending with different party compositions, as the possible endings will depend on which party members you have with you, as their decisions during their companion quests will contribute to the arguments you make.
  • Kill the kraken.
  • Interact with the crystal, deciding who will be left to hit it. Iverra's Diving Helmet will be helpful to avoid drowning.



Notable loot[]