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A Cean Gŵla is a spirit in Pillars of Eternity.


Cean Gŵla are violent and confused spirits that have been unable or unwilling to move beyond the Shroud. More specifically, these are the spirits of women who die under particularly tragic or traumatic circumstances, hence the name "cean gŵla," which translates to "blood mother." The popular image of the cean gŵla as the spirit of a jilted lover has changed in recent years, as the effects of Waidwen's Legacy have become more widely known. With so many Hollowborn arising and a similarly steep rise in cean gŵla sightings, many assume these spirits are linked to mothers who have died in childbirth. In reality, the Cean Gŵla manifest just as readily from the spirits of women who perished in violent crimes or accidents, or those who led particularly violent lives.


Cean gŵla can make for dangerous enemies, mostly because of their lethal Wail. This ability can Paralyze your entire party, meaning that they will become easy to hit, resulting in plentiful and painful crits. They can quickly close the distance with their teleport, possibly to immediately Wail after doing so. In addition, cean gŵlas constantly Terrify your party members which removes a sizeable chunk of your accuracy. Hand-to-hand attacks caused by cean gŵla also cause the Weakened affliction for a short duration. Their defenses are overall quite formidable but their Damage Reduction is almost non-existent. To summarize, cean gŵlas lower many of your defenses if successful and simultaneously stifle your offense. They should be dealt with quickly and decisively, as priority targets.

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