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Character in Pillars of Eternity generally applies to every single being that can be encountered in the world, including the player character and party members as well as any creature.

Most game rules and character stats are applicable to every character; besides some special Abilities, nothing is exclusive to the player or their party, and some characters have their own and exclusive special Abilities as well.

The term character may refer to
  • The player character: The usually controllable main protagonist of the game, "crafted" during the Character Creation and later referred to as the Watcher.
  • A companion: Characters who are encountered during the plot line and recruited into the player character's party, becoming controllable by the player.
  • An adventurer: Potential party members who can be hired at inns, on top of or replacing companions.
  • A non-player character: A non-player character in terms of "controllable": characters who are controllable by the player don't count into this category. Usually the term isn't applied to hostile-only encounters, but to those characters the player can interact with in a greater variety of options.
  • Any kith: Every being from the humanoid races who can't be considered NPC and is not listed in the bestiary neither.
  • Any creature: Every creature from the bestiary – no matter if allied, neutral or hostile – is a "character" in terms of game rules.