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Children of the Dawnstars is a Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire faction.


Not to be confused with supernatural manifestations of Eothas, the Children of the Dawnstars are Readceran followers of Eothas who have traveled to the Deadfire Archipelago as migrant workers in the decades following the vorlas blight and the Saint's War. Lacking colonies of their own, Dawnstars can often be found in the employ of the Vailian Trading Company or Royal Deadfire Company.[1]


The Children are loosely organized into small groups, some nomadic, others settled, dedicated to the worship of Eothas. Most are organized around charismatic priests and leaders.

Partisans of the Lighted Path[]

The exception to the rule, the Partisans are organized around Gaderian Bosc, who claimed to have had a vision from Eothas that mandated him to gather "truest followers" to march alongside him to battle. The Partisans are obligated to hide their true affiliation and stay away from friends and families, in order to remain faithful to Bosc and Eothas. As can be expected, Bosc is running a particularly dangerous sect bent on committing mass suicide. A subset of the group called the vanguard, is led by Bosc himself, and is the most "righteous" of the Partisans, being "...the first to join the ranks of Eothas, the first to charge at his call."

Outside relations[]

The Children are treated with an attitude ranging from indifference to wariness. However, since they lack the numbers or organization to pose a major threat, they are rarely considered as anything more than a nuisance.


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