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Stay out of the catacombs – they're more dangerous than usual lately.
~ Justiciar

Copperlane Catacombs is an underground burial site and canal in Pillars of Eternity. It lies under Defiance Bay and can be accessed through an entrance in Copperlane.


Designed by the Dwarf Grogan, the Copperlane Catacombs serves a double purpose. First, it houses Grogan's Canal, a canal that leads to Ondra's Gift and spills out into the sea. Second, it is a burial site, where the Ducs of Dyrwood and the wealthy inhabitants of Defiance Bay are interred.[1]

In its more recent history, a hidden section was built into the northern central part of the canal as a basement for and only accessible from Lumdala's House in Copperlane. However, there's a hidden switch in that room that may open a secret door into the main area, once discovered during the Final Act.

Points of interest[]

  • Entering from Copperlane, you are placed in the northeastern portion of the map. A dead initiate lies right near the entrance, with a soul you can interact with. It's a dead initiate from the temple of Woedica, ripped apart by a monster. Immediately next to him is a burial chamber with some oozes and minor loot. Just over the bridge waits the troll that tore apart the initiate.
  • The area is bisected by Grogan's Canal. To the south-east is a vast, open chamber filled with two trolls, sporelings, and dank spores. The loot is meager, but it does allow you access to a spare Woedica's hood. It connects to the burial vaults in the southern and south-eastern parts of the level. One of them holds Eorn, the fugitive orlan involved in the task Unwanted.
  • The northwestern half contains much more interesting things. The more northerly section contains catacombs of the rich (with a trapped sarcophagus containing a random loot item, the only possible place to obtain Gauntlets of Puissant Melee). The southerly section contains exits to the Temple of Woedica and Helig of Thein's quarters. Helig's residence is located in a vast ossuary with several skeletons in the entrance area. The road to Helig is covered in traps, so send a scout ahead.
  • During The Final Act, an additional area can be accessed from the back room of Lumdala's House. A hidden switch in the bottom right corner of the room opens the way to the main area by way of a concealed doorway.
  • The catacombs contain 10 of the 35 backer memorials in the game.


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Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Copperlane Catacombs, see here.
Northeastern room:
Eastern area (trolls + spores):
Bonepile (Hidden stash northeast of the stairs - Difficulty 4):
Southeastern crypt:
Urn (central cutout):
Southern room with Eorn:
Corpse (based on the outcome of Unwanted):
Skeleton (next room to the southwest):
Central raised area:
Urn (next to the canal):
Sarcophagus (1st room) (Trapped - Malignant Cloud Trap - Difficulty 5):
Sarcophagus (2nd room) (Trapped - Boiling Spray Trap - Difficulty 5):
Hidden area accessible during The Final Act:
Southwestern exit to Temple of Woedica:
Northwestern area:
Wooden Box (Hidden - northeastern corner of Helig of Thein's chamber - Difficulty 6):



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