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Many are the creatures both fantastical and mundane that roam across the world of Eora. What is catalogued here is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of the diversity of the world.

Pillars of Eternity will feature many different Creatures. There will be classic monsters like the Ogre[1] and monsters that are inspired from Dungeons & Dragons monsters like the Vithrack‎.[2] There will also be monsters that are unique to the world like the Skuldr. Those monsters will often feel bizarre, but not all off them.[1]

Each Creature is from one of the five types: Wilder, Primordial, Beast, Spirit or Vessel. There are talents, abilities and items that increase damage and accuracy against one type of creature.

Known Creatures By Type[]

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Stats and Defence vary according to the Level of Difficulty, it may appear in the form EE/NN/HH/PP for Easy/Normal/Hard/PotD respectively.
If only a single number is recorded, it is most likely for the highest difficulty level (PotD).
Other columns and Damage Reduction do not vary by difficulty level.

Beast Vessel Spirit Primordial Wilder


  • Eoten – Eotens feature in the most grotesque of folk tales. Once merely the most aggressive and unstable of ogres, Eotens have since developed into massive monstrosities that are both larger and far less intelligent than their cousins. Eotens have two heads, one notable smaller than the other, and when the larger of these is incapacitated, the smaller retains just enough brute cunning to keep an Eoten fighting.