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Crookspur Island is a landmass in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The infamous Crookspur island has been the domain of slavers for decades, if not centuries. Preying on the Huana and especially the Wahaki tribe, the slavers have made a tidy profit off the flesh trade.


  • Located to the northwest of Hasongo and north of Dunnage, Crookspur island is big and has plenty in the way of attractions. The southern half is isolated, and is only accessible by a landing at 8° 47'S and 35° 45' E.
Southern half
  • Icon Huana Shrine.png
    Bleakrock Shrine: It's a Huana shrine deep in the jungle. You can search the surrounding area with Survival to earn a free rest or identify it with Religion 15. It's dedicated to Rikuhu and earns you a free rest. If you do so, you will be ambushed by a number of slavers. You can use Diplomacy, Intimidation, pay 2000 cp, or use a Priest of Berath background to get out of it peacefully - or kill them all.
  • Icon Camp.png
    Silent Dhrwgas: Location for the bounty.
  • Icon Old Battleground.png
    Old Battleground: Random loot.
Northern half
  • Icon Crookspur.png
    Crookspur proper is here. To explore the island, you need to go through the sea cave.
  • Icon Forest Dark.png
    Cockerel Forest: You'll be greeted by a flurry of arrows. You can use Athletics to creep forward, Insight to call out to them, Perception to locate them, or cipher talents. If you call out to them, you will need to use Bluff 12, Diplomacy 14, Intimidate x, or Streetwise 14 and Slave background to talk them down. You can also use one of your companions. If you succeed, you'll meet three escaped slaves: Cathŵenna, Hudango, and Cemoc.
  • Icon Graveyard.png
    Egno's Thicket: A standard lootable cemetery.
  • Icon Ruined Tower.png
    Ruined Tower: Lootable.