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Crown of the Exiled Queen is an amulet in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Three shards of potent metal were found scattered across eternity. One was hidden, one was forgotten, and one was consigned to oblivion. A skilled hand linked them together, forming the shape of a crown restored to its former glory.

This headpiece is recognized across all of Eora. Its likeness decorates the margins of illuminated manuscripts, business contracts, and laws. Its severe, regal points adorn the head of many a statue and altar. It thrums with the power of the three shards and glows with the embers of a fire never fully extinguished. If this isn't the crown of Woedica, then it's an alarmingly accurate replica.




  • The only headpiece that is wearable by godlike races, since it occupies the neck and not the head slot. A godlike can comment on this after it is crafted by Izzia.