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Crucible Keep is the Knights of the Crucible's main base of operations within Defiance Bay. It is led by Commander Clyver.


The headquarters of the Crucible Knights, containing the faction's armory, armorers, and barracks.

Points of interest[]

  • This is a fairly large location entered from the south-west. Justiciar Aldmar stands in the corridor, welcoming all into the keep (except orlans).
  • Straight ahead lie the archives (grab the edict of arrest), with the forge and storerooms to the northwest. These contain Dunstan, the Crucible blacksmith, and Penhelm, a young novitiate. The training room is to the east of the archives, overseen by Justiciar Wyla.
  • The corridor bisects the keep, connecting the barracks, mess hall, shrine of Abydon, and terminating at the war room with commander Clyver looming over the situation map.



Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Crucible Keep, see here.
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 4):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 5):
Barracks (from the bottom left, clockwise):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 3):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 3):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 3):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 4):
War Room:
Chest (left wall) (Locked - Difficulty 7):
Chest (back wall) (Locked - Difficulty 6):