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This article is about the different cultures of Eora. For cultures in character creation, see Culture and background.

Cultures are created by societies across Eora, reflecting their values, goals, and societal norms.

Overview[ | ]

The cultures of Eora are historically peopled by a mixture of diverse racial backgrounds. This means that characters cannot be measured against any predetermined notions about dwarves, elves, or other familiar figures. A dwarf from the Vailian Republic, for example, might have more in common with a Vailian elf than he or she would with a dwarf of the Deadfire archipelago. While creating a character, and encountering others along the way, it is more important than ever to consider the innate complexities of personal history and heritage.

List of cultures[ | ]

Many cultures overlap with existing countries or regions. In this case, the table links to the relevant article.

Name Region Common races Notes
Aedyran Aedyr Empire Elf, human
Deadfire Archipelago Deadfire Archipelago Aumaua, human
Eir Glanfath Eastern Reach Wood elf, wild orlan
Engwithan Eastern Reach All Extinct
Huana Deadfire Archipelago Island aumaua
Ixamitl Ixamitl Plains Savannah folk
The Living Lands The Living Lands Dwarf
Naasitaq The White that Wends Boreal dwarf
Nalpazca Ixamitl Plains Savannah folk
Old Vailian Old Vailia Human, dwarf
Pargrunen Old Vailia Mountain dwarf
Rauatai Rauatai Gulf
Deadfire Archipelago
Coastal aumaua