Daily Affirmations of Focus and Efficiency

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Daily Affirmations of Focus and Efficiency
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Daily Affirmations of Focus and Efficiency is a book in Pillars of Eternity about the deity Abydon.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

1. All errors can be reforged into lessons. Abydon rebuilt himself from ruin. No setback is insurmountable, not even death itself, so long as the soul is dedicated to the task.

2. Work hard, work well, Abydon demands only honest labor and forthright service. All errors can be reforged if your first intentions are pure.

3. All ignorance can be reforged into knowledge. Master your craft, excel at what you have been trusted to do. Do not offend your teacher by remaining a student forever.

4. Each generation must forge its successors. Teach your trade to all who are willing to learn, and in doing so, multiply the fruits of your knowledge.

5. All difficulties can be reforged into triumphs. Meet strife with humility and acceptance. Let adversity temper the ingot of your will and you will never shatter.

6. Embrace your station, fulfill the duties of your rank and meddle not in the affairs of your betters. All guilds fail at their weakest link.

7. All loss can be reforged into strength. Profitable work heals all emptiness. So long as you have the tools of your trade, you will always be able to forge wealth anew.

8. Value the works of others and they will value your works in return. Share the harvest with the hungry and your tools with the destitute.

9. All souls can be reforged into whatever we will. Hard work is not exclusive to life, death is no time for complacency. Commit yourself to excellence in this cycle and the next.