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Damage Reduction (DR) is the primary means of reducing damage from a hit. It is usually derived from armor, but it can can be raised through magic, abilities, talents, and items. Many creatures also have natural DR.

Damage Reduction is subtracted directly from all incoming damage E.g., a hit that initially does 20 damage to a target with 7 DR will be reduced to 13 damage. Damage will never be reduced below 20% of the initial incoming amount. When this minimum value is reached, a MIN message will be displayed in the relevant attack line of the combat log.

Different suits of armor, as well as different creatures, will grant different DR values against different damage types.(e.g. Plate armor is vulnerable against Shock damage, so its Shock DR modifier is -50% so a plate armor would have 6 shock DR instead of the normal 12 DR and a fine plate armor would have 7 shock DR instead of the 14 base DR)


  • Earlier in developement DR would reduce the damage by a percentage and Damage Threshold would subtract directly from the damage. But later in developement the percentage reduction was removed and the direct subtraction was now called Damage Reduction instead of Damage Threshold.