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Deciphered Notes is a document in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

To create a draught of greater strength,
a blend of flame and ruby make.

For one who seeks vitality,
a mix of stone and pearl they need.

To grant oneself a careful step,
a brew of wind and emerald prep.

If cleverness one lacks in spades,
for flame and sapphire one needs must trade.

For those few cursed with lesser vision,
adra bán and wind provision.

And to be blessed with purpose or intention,
grind stone and amber in succession.

Into each elixir enjoin we must
the inclusion of a shining dust,
a hearty smear of spirit essence,
and water of a pure quintessence.



  • Having these notes in your inventory allows you to create a single potion using the cauldron in Outcast's Respite. Regardless of availability of ingredients, only a single potion can be ever made, an all-time limit.
  • The ingredients required are presented in a cryptic riddle. For every recipe, you will need one of each of the following; Luminous Adra Dust, Primal Water, Spirit Residue, and an additional two ingredients depending on the potion that you want to brew.
  • Once you have all the ingredients, only then will it present you with the option to create only one of the 6 available "potions", giving you the bonus "Cauldron Brew" - a permanent +1 to an attribute of your choosing.
Name Bonus Additional ingredients
"Potion of Mataru's Strength" +1 Might Primal Flame, Ruby
"Tama Watua's Potion of Cast-Iron Stomach" +1 Constitution Primal Rock, Black Pearl
"Potion of Antelope's Grace" +1 Dexterity Primal Wind, Emerald
"Potion of Panther's Sight" +1 Perception Primal Wind, Adra Ban
"Potion of Creative Necessity" +1 Intellect Primal Flame, Sapphire
"Potion of the Steadfast Hound" +1 Resolve Primal Rock, Amber